Youtube Earning Low Kyn Hogya Ak Dam? ( December and January Youtube Earning Comparison )

Welcome to new Blog, Today I showed my December and January Youtube earnings Comparison. Why i Getting Low Earning on youtube, all are discuss in this blog so read till the end.

Youtube Earning Low

Decmeber Earnings
Januray Earnings

In December I almost Gettting 1-2 Dollar on 1.5k to 2k Views but after new year since Januray 1, My earning Decreases and now i am getting hardly 0.70 usd to 1 usd on 2k views.


Youtube says that during Q1 of every year Advertiser goes to vacations due to which ads rate and page rpm decreases to its peak point.

What you can do?

Well you cant do anything here, just keep uploading videos and wait till march. After march your revenue Graph rise ones again and it will reach its high peak till december.

So this cycle moves every year and we have to Chew this sour Medicine.

How to Increase Youtube low Earning:

Well, Whenever this period comes ( Jan-Feb-March ) you just need to make video on these things.

1 – Search Trending Topics

2 – Search Searchable Topics

3 – Search people needs related topics like softwares, applications.

Follow these rules and make video on them so that your Page Rpm Increase and during these 3 months your earning will increase and it might be same as you earning during october-november-december.

It is because youtube says these 3 last months are good enough for everyone as Ad rates of youtube in these month are Highest than anyone other Platforms.

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