In this article, we will discuss Why Is Allegiant Air So Cheap?

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The airline is known for its low fares, but many travelers wonder how it is possible for Allegiant Air to offer such low prices. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Allegiant Air’s low fares and how the airline is able to remain profitable while still providing affordable flights.

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Why Is Allegiant Air So Cheap?

History of Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 as WestJet Express, a subsidiary of WestJet Airlines. The airline initially offered flights between Fresno, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1998, the airline changed its name to Allegiant Air and shifted its focus to providing low-cost flights to leisure destinations. Over the years, Allegiant Air has expanded its route network to include over 100 destinations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Reasons for Allegiant Air’s Low Fares

  1. Focus on Leisure Travel

One of the main reasons why Allegiant Air is able to offer low fares is because the airline focuses on leisure travel. Rather than trying to compete with major airlines on business routes, Allegiant Air targets vacationers and people visiting friends and family. By focusing on leisure travelers, Allegiant Air is able to fill its planes with passengers who are less price-sensitive and more willing to pay for ancillary services, such as checked bags and seat assignments.

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  1. Point-to-Point Network

Another reason why Allegiant Air is able to keep its fares low is because of its point-to-point network. Unlike traditional hub-and-spoke airlines, Allegiant Air flies direct routes between smaller cities that are often underserved by other airlines. This allows Allegiant Air to avoid the costs associated with operating hub airports and transferring passengers between flights.

  1. Ancillary Revenue

Ancillary revenue is a key component of Allegiant Air’s business model. The airline charges for a variety of optional services, such as checked bags, carry-on bags, seat assignments, and priority boarding. In addition, Allegiant Air has partnerships with hotels, car rental companies, and other travel providers that allow the airline to earn commissions on bookings made through its website. These ancillary revenue streams help to offset the low fares offered by the airline and contribute to its profitability.

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  1. Low Operating Costs

Allegiant Air is known for its low operating costs, which are among the lowest in the airline industry. The airline operates a fleet of older planes, which are cheaper to maintain and operate than newer models. In addition, Allegiant Air has a lean corporate structure and relies on technology to automate many of its operations, such as ticket sales and flight schedules. These factors help to keep the airline’s costs low, which allows it to offer low fares to its customers.

  1. No Frills Service

Finally, Allegiant Air is able to offer low fares because it provides a no-frills service. The airline does not offer amenities such as in-flight entertainment, free snacks or meals, or Wi-Fi. Instead, Allegiant Air focuses on providing a safe and reliable flight at a low price. This no-frills approach allows the airline to keep its costs low and offer affordable fares to its customers.

Conclusion – Why Is Allegiant Air So Cheap?

One concern that some travelers have about Allegiant Air is whether the airline is safe. Allegiant Air has been the subject of media scrutiny in recent years due to a number of safety incidents and accidents.

However, it is important to note that Allegiant Air meets all safety regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In addition, the airline has made significant investments in safety and has implemented a number of safety measures, such as upgrading its fleet and improving its maintenance procedures.


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