Today I Provide The best deal for Wansview 1080P Wireless WiFi Home Surveillance Waterproof Camera. You can save $6.55 (17%) on this deal, So hop in?

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Wansview 1080P Wireless WiFi Home Surveillance Waterproof Camera

With Deal:$31.44
You Save:$6.55 (17%)

Let’s Discuss some of it’s Features here:

  • 1080P FHD with 2 Megapixel Lens: Wansview outdoor security camera is equipped with 2 Megapixel HD lens which delivers crystal clear & smooth video day & night protect your home wherever you are Camera works with 2 4G WiFi(5G is not supported).
  • Works with Alexa & Night Vision: Wansview home security camera works with Alexa you could ask your Echo Show Fire TV to show your wansview wifi camera with 24pcs built-in infrared LED night vision distance up to 20 meters which give you peace of mind day & night.
  • IP 66 Waterproof: Wansview outdoor wifi camera is rated with IP66 the working temperature ranges from 14F to 104F (-10℃·40℃)made with aluminum alloy it is vandal-proof and can work well under harsh weather even in the storm and snowy weather.
  • Motion Detection & Alert: Wansview outdoor surveillance camera will capture motion activities real-time notifications will be sent to the phone open the wansview cloud app you could check what is happening immediately.
  • Security and Privacy Protection: Financial Encryption Technology for cloud storage the highest protection of the data for privacy No one could access to your information without your permission.


Customer Rating4.3 out of 5 stars (1232) 
Sold ByWansview
Item Dimensions6.23 x 2.33 x 2.33 inches

We have two of these now for about 5 months and couldn’t be happier. There are some drawbacks to getting a WiFi monitor vs a traditional one that I will get into later. But here are some of the features.

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Picture Quality:

Far superior then traditional and more than adequate. No need to install another monitor just for camera, i can just access the camera via wifi from anywhere and it is so easy, even for someone have limited knowledge about technology.

Viewing monitor:

We use our phones to check which works great. The quality of picture came out clearly and the night vision mode works completely better than our old system which is much more expensive and more complicate to install.

User Access and setup:

Some other comment mentioned how 2 different phones can’t both check at the same time so I wanted to mention that’s completely wrong. In wansview cloud view, you can create multiple accounts that can access/view/replay really easy. You can share the camera access to anyone that have the wansview app and they can check it, all the setup process can be complete in just a few minutes.


Compare to my old system which costs me almost $3k and hours to setup, wansview camera came in very handy and extremely affordable at $40 (free shipping and free return policy) and all my family can easily find this system is so easy to use. What a stealing deal.

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Customer Ratings

Mostly Asked Questions From Customer

You may be concerned with the following questions?

Q: Do I have to subscribe to cloud service to use the camera?

A: No. Cloud Storage is optional. Users can use the camera without subscribing cloud storage.

Q: Does the camera need to connect the power supply?

A: Yes, it needs to be plugged into an outlet for continuous power. Wireless means that this Wi-Fi camera transmits data via 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Q: Does the camera support a micro SD card?

A: No. This camera doesn’t support a SD card, you can record a 10s alarm video on App when motion is detected.

Q: Does the camera support other softwares ?

A: No. This outdoor camera currently only supports Wansview Cloud App and Wansview Cloud PC software.

Q: Why I can’t receive the activation email when I sign up a new account on the app ?

A: 1. Please kindly check the junk mail box. 2. Please contact our after-sale support team with your account email, we will activate your account manually.

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