Smart Plug is now become an essential part of human lives, with that respect today I provided TP-Link Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug Review.

Main Features
Main Features

TP-Link Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

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TP-Link Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug Review

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This gadget is genius

I had a Smart Home long before the words even existed. My entire house was controlled by a sophisticated programmable multi-channel X10 console so indoor and outdoor lighting went on and off, dimmed, and responded to triggering devices. This was pre-wifi so everything used the house’s electrical power lines.

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These days things are almost exactly the same except now everything is wireless and can be controlled by Alexa or my smartphone from anywhere in the world. When I first jumped aboard the smart plug and switch bandwagon there were only a handful of brand names selling the hardware – Kasa by TP Link, Wemo by Belkin, and Leviton. Their products were similar and pricey and they all shared my number one complaint about the entire product category, that their products would only work using their proprietary smartphone app. If you mixed brands you had to download an app from each company, there wasn’t (and still isn’t) any standardized app that can control any brand smart switch.

Then the cheap offshore knockoffs came along and introduced several problems, the biggest of which is that these companies have the life of a fruit fly, they’re here one day and gone the next with no app, no support and no service, meaning that their switches and plugs end up in the garbage.

All that being said, I will only buy Kasa plugs and switches. Their app is by far the best and their hardware is well made, versatile, and dependable. I am excited about this one, finally a weatherproof outdoor smart plug that is even better than I expected because it has two separate channels.

The two plugs are at the end of a short heavy-duty grounded power cord that plugs into one outlet. It is designed to hang down to prevent rain and other weather from touching the switched power plugs. There are two buttons on the switch to give the user local control without using the app. The unit comes with one cable clamp to help keep the plug secured and help prevent it from accidentally being pulled out of the power outlet.

This plug, like all Kasa products works seamlessly with Alexa and setup is mostly automatic. From box to fully setup took me about five minutes. In my opinion Kasa is probably the most compatible brand I’ve used with Alexa Echo devices.

You might pay a few cents more for a trusted brand name but I think it’s worth it. TP Link has been around for a long time and I’ve always been happy with their products. This outdoor dual smart plug is genius and I highly recommend it.

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First remote plug that fits correctly

Up and running with app and alexa n ten minutes. Only plug on market that actually fits into an outdoor outlet straight on. Hangs down so water drips off and not into plug. Wifi no issie 30 feet out from house on shed.

 TP-Link KP400 Outdoor plugs work great with the Kasa App and Google Home products

I’ve been hoping that TP-Link would come out with an outdoor plug that works with the Kasa app family of products. As soon as I got the notice they were available, I ordered two. I used one to replace a mechanical yard lighting controller and pond pump switch that no longer worked and the other will be for outdoor Christmas lights.

Configured just like the other Kasa devices and is working perfectly with control from the Kasa App as well as Google smart commands. : Looks heavy-duty and totally weatherproof. A great addition to my TP-Link Indoor and Outdoor cameras and indoor power switches. All managed from a single Kasa app.

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