TP-Link 8 Port Switch is one of the fine Switch available online, with that respect, I decided to provide a review of it.

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TP-Link 8 Port Switch Review

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Customer Rating4.7 out of 5 stars (9469) 
Connectivity TechnologyEthernet
Data Transfer Rate16 Gb per second
Item Dimensions5.00 x 2.62 x 0.91 inches
Number of Ports8
Wattage3.9 watts

Works seamlessly

We originally had the 4 port but two years later and a new orbi router, we needed more ports! Purchased the 8 port and integrated it into our setup seamlessly. Small, lightweight, and no issues. Though this review is for the 8 port we recently purchased, I would recommend either depending on your needs as our last one was working for two years and still works, we just needed more ports.

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 Great performance for the price

When I first moved into my house, I had every room wired with CAT 6, as Wi-Fi is just not that reliable, especially when you have several devices streaming music, movies, or gaming. Nothing really beats the speed of a wired connection, especially since all ISP’s Wi-Fi routers are horrid. They give you great speeds for the first 12 months, but it seems to degrade once your promotional prices end.

With the incoming arrival of my first baby, we had a slew of new devices that only connected to Wi-Fi (baby video monitors, sensors, doorbells, and much more). The problem is the Wi-Fi only really works well in half the house. I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase the EERO mesh network, which gives me the full speed capacity of what I am paying for via my ISP throughout my entire house. Seriously we had to disconnect our phones when on the opposite end of the house as little/no connection.

The problem is when we plugged in the EERO node into my router it freaked out and caused a whole slew of issues. The issue is the ISP installed the router in the living room, which works out since I have several devices that need to be hard-wired into the network (PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV, etc), so I used the router as a switch as well for those devices. With the EERO plugged into the Spectrum router chaos ensured, all the nodes fought for supremacy, causing havoc on my network. The issue was fixed when I plugged the EERO directly into the cable modem and removed the spectrum modem from my network.

The good news is my Wi-Fi issues were resolved, but the bad news is I only had one spare unmanaged switch and it was only 10/100. This is irritating because everything in my house is at least a GB switch. So, I plugged in my old switch while looking for a new one online. I found this switch and I have been extremely happy with the performance the past week. It is truly plug-in-play as I took my old switch off, plugged this one in, and everything was back in action at the higher speeds. For the first time ever, I have great speeds on both LAN and Wi-Fi. There has been no speed denigration and I have exactly what I should on any PC I plug into my network doing a speed test.

I love how cheap this switch was as only a few years ago a switch like this would have cost over $100 if that. The problem is you get what you pay for in this switch. It is missing a few things that come in more expensive switches on the market, but for $20 bucks who can complain.

 Brilliant solution for Smart Home Fans

Problem: As my Smart Home develops, there is more demand on Ethernet Ports on the ISP’s Router – it only has 4 ports. I have 5 devices, and will probably add more.

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I learned about this solution after trailing through pages of information about managed/unmanaged Ethernet Switches, Routers, and lots of complicated instructions about how to convert a Router/Modem into a Modem only. My head reeling with all this information I went shopping on Amazon for a solution. Most devices I looked at, I didn’t really understand what they did exactly and seemed to cost a fortune.

Then I found this! Oh, Joy! Not only is this cheap, but it also does exactly what I need. I connected all my smart Home Hubs, my Printer, and my PC and used the existing ethernet cable from the Modem/Router to connect to the TP-Link. Took 5 mins. I did have to spend the next 20 mins “reminding” my Smart Hubs to connect to my network, but that wasn’t hard. Everything works great and I now have 3 spare Ports for future use. So if you have the same problem as I did then this is the solution you are looking for.

4.7 Ratings
4.7 Ratings

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