Top 5 Switch Controllers for Nintendo of 2020

Today I provided the Top 5 Switch Controllers for Nintendo of 2020, so let’s get started. The best ones are now available on this blog.

Switch Controllers for Nintendo of 2020

The best Switch Controllers for Nintendo now can easily be chosen as I provided Good Quality Controllers for you guys here:

1 – BEBONCOOL Switch Controller for Nintendo

– A fair bit cheaper than the Pro
– USB-C charger so you don’t need multiple cables
– Buttons and joysticks feel solid, unlike cheaper controllers I’ve tried in the past
– Similar overall size to the pro, good for larger adult hands

– lighter weight (though maybe a positive depending on your preferences)
– the overall feel isn’t as high quality as the pro
– was confusing to get connected (read the instructions)

Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings

2 – YCCTEAM Switch Controller for Nintendo

 Feels a little better than OEM:

I initially bought for use on a Switch and PC, switch worked great. PC must be wired (which is a bit of a bummer) but it’s a superb Switch controller that I personally like better then the OEM controller.

Also the YCCTEAM support team awesome! After some solo debugs time over the Bluetooth connectivity to the PC, I opted to send an email to the support team. Who responded promptly with a clear answer which was, for use on Steam/Windows 10 you need to plug it in.

Great support experience honestly.

3 – PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo

Switch Controllers for Nintendo

– Cheaper than the official Nintendo Pro Controller.
– Great Motion Control.
– Programmable trigger buttons.
– Much easier to hold for larger hands.
– Lightweight.
– Looks amazing.

– No rumble feature.
– No amibo feature.

Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings

4 – IKEVER Wireless Controller for Nintendo

This controll is a good quality!

This controller is good quality, it was a gift for one of my friends who knows a lot about this stuff and he loves it, he also told me, that controller is really good for his games lol, I’m happy he did like it. Work the money.

Customer Ratings

5 – HORI Controller for Nintendo

Switch Controllers for Nintendo

This controller isn’t perfect, but it is very good

This controller isn’t perfect, but it is very good. (Especially for the price.) The size and shape is somewhere between the pro controller and the Xbox 360 one (closer to the 360). The buttons are more round, and the joysticks are softer than the pro. The texture of the controller is closer to the joy-con comfort grip.

I fully expect once smash brothers come out for the switch this will become my go-to controller, instead of just a guest controller.

Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings

More Top Quality Switch Controllers for Nintendo Products will be updated here when their complete review came in our hands.

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