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Best Speakers Under 500 Dollars

1 – Edifier R1280DB

If you’re trying to find a powered pair with built-in Bluetooth capabilities then inspect this upgraded model from Edifier which has been equipped with the mod-cons of optical, coaxial and wireless inputs.

It features a 4“ composite cone woofer that works consonant with its 13mm silk dome tweeter. they need a goodfrequency response and together provide an excellent blended, well-rounded overall sound, the highs satisfyingly bright, vocals crisp and defined and great smooth mids.

– Wireless.
– Optical and coaxial inputs.
– Flared bass port enclosure.

2 – Yamaha NS-6490

Yamaha NS-6490

These 3-way speakers from Yamaha is another model that has seen a recent upgrade to circuitry and components. they need been designed for larger 7.1 set-ups and supply knowledgeable level audio solution.

They have an ultra-wide frequency response because of their dedicated 3-way set-up, which consists of a high output woofer, a mid-range driver and a balanced dome tweeter. they’re of a composite nature and engineered from high-quality parts.

They enjoy Yamaha’s extensive research and capably deliver a transparent and tight sound response. The woofer features a rubber surround is 8” the mid-range driver is 4” and tweeter just 7/8”. together they perform at a combined peak power of 140 watts.

– 8” woofer.
– Powerful full-range sound.
– Ultra wide range frequency response.
– 3-way class.
– Wooden housing.
– Great dispersion.

3 – Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

The most important improvements its new 6 element Complex Crossover, which blends seamlessly between the 2providing a full and rich mid-range that’s high definition quality. they need an influence handling of 80 watts.

– Expertly engineered by Andrew Jones.
– Great enclosure design to combat unwanted noise.
– Complex crossover technology.
– High performance tweeter 19mm top of its class (2-way).

4 – Edifier R1700BT

Conveniently located, you’ll find control dials on the active speaker within the pair which allows users to regulate their treble and bass equalization and in fact volume levels. they’re low watt at a coffee price to match. They also notably have wireless capabilities, Bluetooth pairing is straightforward to pair.

– 66 watts peak power.
 – affordable .
– All wood enclosure design.
– Wireless connectivity.

5 – Mackie CR3 CR Series

Mackie CR3 CR Series

The designers are meticulous with its manufacturing. The drivers are high output and handle effortlessly. it’s a 2-way classified set featuring a 3-inch woofer and dedicated tweeter which are housed in an all-wood cabinet.

It has a front panel volume control and a headphone auxiliary which are conveniently accessible. If you’re willing to spare a touch more dosh Mackie make a Bluetooth streaming version.

They have very low output power 28 watts, so are a coffee consumption option.

– Low watt.
– High performance drivers.
– All wood enclosure.

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