The Best Top 5 Abs Tonin Belts of 2020 are now available on this blog, I will write a complete review here of each Toning Belts for you so that you can easily choose one and buy it.

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Abs Toning Belts

There are plenty of Abs toning belts available online but here i provide my top 5 choices for you guys.

1 – Slendertone CoreFit Abdominal Toning Belt

Rechargeable At-Home Workout.

30 minute ab workout.

10 programs and 100 adjustable intensity levels.

Improved compression – tones all 4 abdominal muscle groups.

FDA cleared to tone, firm and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Two Year Limited Warranty Included.


 Exceeded my expectations:

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This belt packs a punch! Literally. I can’t believe it does what it does. The feeling is actually hard to explain, until you try it for yourself. All I can say .it will make your abs contract. I only made it as high as 60, and that’s very intense. I can only imagine what 100 feels like.

Worked right out of box:

Used this to help tighten my core and strengthen it. Fit really nice right out of the box and started working right away. Doesn’t take too long to charge and it is nice being able to see the strength level of your previous session.

The only thing I wish that was better would be how long the battery lasts. It makes sense that it would only last 3 sessions with how small the battery is, but would like to see it last a little bit longer instead of dying out in the middle of a session.

2 – The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner

FDA Cleared for Toning, Strengthening, and Firming Abdominal Muscles.

Medical Grade Abdominal Toning Technology for Men and Women.

Clinically Demonstrated Results You Can See and Feel In Just Weeks.

100-Percent of Users said their abs felt more toned and firm, 92.3-percent of users felt the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased.


Amazing Results, EXCEDED expectations:

My brother is using an electronic device which helps reduce his arthritic pain. He recommended this device. He said they truly work. While I do watch my weight, and due to allergies, have few vices, it was obvious I needed help with abs.

Two times a day with one day a week off has worked wonders for me. My posture has improved and my lower back pain is 80 – 90% improved in 5 weeks. I still find it hard to believe. Give this a try.

Works for me:

I was one of those people who had bought an ab belt back in the ’90s. Back then they weren’t very powerful or effective. I was hesitant about this one due to memories of my experience in the past.

This is not like the belts from the past! The pads are large and effective. I have been taking care of mine and am past the 6 week mark. They still seem to be in great shape. The control and power system are much better than the three program controllers from the past.

There is a program for just about any thing I might want to do. The power settings go to 150, I am at 125 after almost a month and it still is like getting punched in the stomach. There have been complaints this belt doesn’t work well and I suspect it has to do with body fat.

I have noticed the strength of the power pulse seems stronger since I have lowered my body fat from a little over 20% to closer to 18%. If you have significant belly fat, you might want to wait until you lose a little weight. This does work, both my muscle tone and ab strength have increased. I would recommend it to a friend.

3 – Mothermed Abdominal Muscle Toner

What EMS Treatment: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) treatment works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment, which causes the muscle to exercixe passively. So it will slightly sting your skin. Please note: before using it, please use a towel wet your skin. Wet skin will help you to ease sting feeling.

How to use this Abdominal Belt? Firstly, wear the belt and make four electrode pads fully contact with the skin at the same time. Secondly, use water or emulsion to keep skin with proper humidity. Thirdly, choose a suitable program and intensity. The keyboard will automatically lock if 15 seconds didn’t press it, so you need to press [▼] to unlock it.

Convenient to Use: Mothermed EMS Muscle Stimulator can be used at any time and anywhere. It can help you to exercise a muscle, lose weight or shape even if you’re busy. Just wearing the EMS fitness belt when you’re caring baby, housing, or working, your muscle can be tightened and strengthened. It will strengthen muscle and shape a slim body type after proper use of abdominal fitness belt for 2 months.

What Effects You Will Have: Abs muscle trainer belt for body partial exercise, abdomen/arm/thigh/butt. 30 minutes per day!!! Any issues, please feel free to contact us, we would like to assist with you.

Smart Design & Adjustable Size: Abs muscle toner design with a length of 50 inches, fitting for a waist up 22 inches to 50 inches. The belt is made of breathable neoprene fabric, which is comfortable, durable, lightweight and friendly to your skin, and shows excellent breathability and odor-resistance at the same time, Sweat-Proof and Dust-Proof.


Packaged nicely doesn’t look cheap:

 Packaged nicely doesn’t look cheap, comes with batteries. Only used it one time so far, but I can definitely feel it in my abs. I will try to give a little more information when I use it for a longer period of time, and willing to answer anyone who asks me a question later on as well.

 Highly effective waist trimmer:

 I’m feeling that some far over my waist has already disappeared. It is a very comfortable fitness belt, straps easily around the waist and the vibrations are really effective on the abs.

A very good device to use whenever you have free time, no need to spare time to go to the gym. It is a very good fitness gadget to have in your collection, I’m very happy with it.

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4 – OQWM Abs Stimulator Muscle Abs Toning Belts

💪【What’s it for?】- It’s for body training. This Ultimate ABS Stimulator can help to tone, tighten and strenghten your body, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.

💪【Powerful & Efficient】- This Ultimate ABS Stimulator is designed for abdominal/arm/leg/hip/waist training with 12-minutes per time. 12 minutes using equal to 1500M running or 30 minutes Swimming. You will see the effectiveness by 2 months consecutive using (2-4 times per day).

💪【Flexible & Portable】- This Ultimate ABS Stimulator provides 6 exercise modes to choose, adopts 10 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation. This ab stimulator can be used anytime and anywhere for it’s small enough to be put into briefcase.

💪【Good Viscosity】- The gel sheets pads replacement for the gel pad are import glue.Good viscosity.When you feel the gel sheets pad is not stick about using 15-20 times,you need to replace it for this Ultimate ABS Stimulator.

💪【Easy to Use】- This Ultimate ABS Stimulator will be automatically shut-off in 12 seconds without using for it’s designed with power self-check function. Only when you stick the gel pads to your body, can the controller start working.


 Great tension with wireless remotes:

This ab machine was very straight forward in set up. I was surprised to see that I got a six pack an stimulator PLUS two more separate pads for other areas. Before ordering, I thought it was one or the other but was well surprised.

The tension feels great went on. When placed correctly I can see how my abs are able to contract. Each area pad has its separate wireless remote that uses 2 AAA batteries. Because of 6 batteries needed, I decided to buy rechargeable batteries which should save you time and money in the long run. So far so good.

Powerful, simple tool for activating muscles:

I workout everyday for 20 minutes but thought I’d try one of these muscle stimulators for added effect. I have great obliques but my abs just aren’t popping so I’m hoping this will do the trick.

You can turn up the intensity or down depending on your comfort zone. I used the abdominal pad for about 20 minutes the first day while watching tv. It’s that easy.

I thought for sure it would be very painful, but it’s not! They are extremely simple to use and dummy-proof. I think it’s great this set comes with not only the abdominal pad but also pads for the arms/legs/glutes.

5 – eAnjoy ABS Stimulator Muscle Toner Abs Toning Belts

It’s for body muscle training and weight loss. With EMS Bioelectrical magnetic wave technology and traditional Chinese acupuncture, this new technology and our new product provide vibrations that work your muscles and help you get in the shape you want. This ABS stimulator abdominal can help to tone, tighten, and strengthen your body muscle. No more long hours in the Gym! With15 minutes of use of the device twice a day, you are going to see good results in no more than 3 months.

How to use – To start using it, simply apply the belt on your abs and waist and put the two extra pads anywhere you want to, like on your arm, leg, etc… then choose the desired mode and switch to your desired intensity level. We have 6 modes and 8 levels. Please read the Instructions for more details before use. Use it about 20 minutes/time, 1-2 times /day. It equals to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of the diet. Go for your 6-Pack Abs Muscle.

Convenient and safe – It is super light, ultrathin, wearable, and convenient to carry with you. Different from other similar products that have 3 pads (one main and two small), our product is actually one belt and two pads. You can wear the belt so it is more stable, more importantly, it is also working on your waist. You don’t need a professional trainer to use it. The micro-current is harmless to anyone.


 Fit the workout needs for people that are unable to go to the gym:

I heard about this EMS pads from my aunt. She doesn’t really workout much but she said it works for her as she could see her belly got toner.

I got it and my friend tried it for a few days, he liked it. He said it’s pretty comfy and he could feel some sourness just like after working out the muscles, and that’s when he knew it worked.

 Interesting way to work out:

Worth a try to see if it’ll boost your muscle definition or workout results! Tried it and was surprised. It takes time to see results and must be combined with consistent exercise and good diet so don’t expect dramatic results by itself! Overall a good product.

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