Top 10 Website Rankings by traffic in December 2019

Are you looking for Top 10 Website Rankings then you are on right place. Today I provide Top Website Rankings by traffic in December 2019

1 – Google

Google is that the world’s preferred computer program. Billions of individuals generate three.5 billion searches each single day, and it is not only for search—Google additionally offers a large sort of peripheral services.

In 2019, is that the #1 preferred web site in each the world market and within the U.S.

2 – Youtube

You’ve in all probability watched a video on YouTube on, as did many people. YouTube is that the most well liked video web site on the online, can billions of videos being watched each single day. is that the second most well liked web site in each the world market and within the U.S. for 2019, even if an enormous portion of YouTube views ar from outside the U.S.

3 –

With a seventy % search market share, Baidu is that the largest Chinese-language program and is employed by variant folks on a daily basis. The estimate is that ninety % of China uses Baidu as a look engine.

Much like Google, Baidu offers companion sites together with an alternate to AdWords, Translate, and Maps.

Baidu is that the range three hottest web {site} globally and also the most visited site in China. just one % of Baidu guests square measure from the U.S.

4 –

TMall is an internet retail website in China. it is a by-product of the Taobao website, that is operated by the Alibaba cluster. because the world’s second-largest ecommerce web site, TMall has quite five hundred million monthly active users.

TMall ranks variety four globally and is that the second preferred website in China in 2019. U.S. guests account for a little proportion of TMall guests.

5 – QQ.COM

QQ, additionally referred to as Tencent QQ, could be a Chinese internet portal for all forms of things, like a moment electronic messaging service, music, shopping, blogging, and more. holds the Guinness record for the very best range of synchronal on-line users on a moment electronic messaging program with simply over 210 million users. Active monthly users exceed 800 million. is hierarchal range five on the world list of the highest ten most well liked websites and range three in China. U.S. users quantity to but a pair of % of traffic.

6 –

Another Chinese web site, offers things sort of a computer program, news, gaming, email, and advertising. is hierarchical the sixth most visited web site within the world, and sits at range four in China.

7 – Facebook

Facebook is that the hottest social media website on the net. Quite a pair of billion active users access Facebook daily across the world to speak with family and friends.

As of 2019, is that the range seven hottest web site within the international market and is that the fifth most visited web site within the U.S.

8 – Taobao

Taobao is a web searching web site in China. It offers vesture and natural philosophy for all ages, and users should purchase or sell on the location. Taobao is that the world’s largest e-commerce web site, and has over one billion product listings.

In 2017, Taobao and Tmall along had a dealing volume. Therefore high that it outperformed all ecommerce sites and retailers within the U.S.

Taobao is hierarchal range eight globally and range five in China. U.S. users account for around one.5 % of the site’s total traffic.

9 –

Wikipedia is one in all the foremost helpful and most visited sites on the online. it is a “living” resource, within the sense that any piece of content may be emended by anyone expertly in this explicit topic.

A lot of individuals use Wikipedia worldwide than the other knowledge-based resource on the online.

In 2019, Wikipedia ranks because the variety nine most visited web site globally and as variety seven within the U.S.

10 – Yahoo

Yahoo could be a net portal and programme. It offers mail, news, maps, videos and lots of different net services.

Yahoo does not gift its statistics freely. However a recent estimate place the amount of tourists per month at regarding one billion.

Yahoo ranks at range ten globally and range four within the U.S. 2019 list of the foremost standard websites.

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