You are looking for the best quality and safe power strip because I know everyone needs to sure that their Power strip with USB is easy and safe access to electricity usage. With that respect, I provided 10 BEST POWER STRIP below:

Find Out Best Power Strip with USB in 2020

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1. AmazonBasics Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07NSJMSK3″ template=”horizontal”]

Well constructed surge protecter

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I really like this power strip. It has a nice long 6 ft cord, 2 USB ports, and the sockets can be covered when not in use. I would not recommend this strip for heavy-duty items such as power tools but for entertainment centers, office equipment, or in my case sewing machines it is great. I would definitely buy it again.

2. Desktop Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07HCVFH82″ template=”horizontal”]

 Nicely manufactured quick charge built to last

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Its looks very beautiful on my computer desk. I like the fact that it has 3 USB ports which always comes in handy along with the fact that it has 3 outlets which should have me prepared for just about anything. I’m very happy with this purchase it looks like it’ll last a very long time the cable Braided and the device all around looks very solid. Especially at this price, it’s a great buy.

3. SUPERDANNY Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07GZNHVT4″ template=”horizontal”]

 Dependable surge protector with some great features

If you are looking for a solid, well designed, and well-built surge protector, this is the one! I have mounted this on a wall near my desk and it is proving to be well worth the money. It includes a smart USB charger. That means that I can put away my phone and device chargers and free up that many more outlets for laptops, monitors, printers, etc. Highly recommend this product.

4. AMINZER Power Strip

[amazon box=”B083V3F5FK” template=”horizontal”]

 A power strip above the rest

This power strip tower is very convenient behind our television and enables easy power access for all of our devices. It has very high quality and modern design and more than enough cord.

5. APC Power Strip

[amazon box=”B017VXT1E4″ template=”horizontal”]

Perfect for lots of bricks + 2 x USB A, plus surge protection

This power bar is AWESOME. The ability to fit numerous bricks, the built-in USB A charging ports, the long cord, the dust covers over unused outlets, the not-too-industrial look, and, of COURSE, the excellent surge protection are all GREAT features, and combine to make this a very useful product, with excellent pricing. Have been using 2 for months, and am back on Amazon, to buy another one.

6. JACKYLED Power Strip

[amazon box=”B077ZVBJH2″ template=”horizontal”]

Great Power Surge for Bulky Adapters

I was looking to move my routers and all of my hubs and bridges to the top shelf of one of my kitchen cabinets, since I wanted to hide everything and it was wasted space. I had a standard Amazon Basics 6-plug surge protector, but I had 3 bulky adapters that took up all of space and I needed something to accommodate 6 plugs. I was looking for a surge protector with space in between the plugs to accommodate a mix of plugs, especially ones with bulky adapters that pointed to the right.

This one fits the bill and I am able to fit all 6 plugs onto the power strip, with 4 open USB ports. My only knock on the item was that it doesn’t have holes in the back to mount it to a wall or under the cabinet so that it doesn’t take up any precious counter space. I used some 3M Command strips instead and it’s still hanging upside down after a few days, but it would have been nice to have the option.

7. QOLIXM Power Strip

[amazon box=”B082SKVYRQ” template=”horizontal”]

Solid power strip nice options

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I give it an overall 5 star basically because there is just nothing wrong with it. It does exactly what it says it will do. I like the number of plugs and the fact they give extra-large spaced items. The best part is the USB plugs. This 1 unit has saved me having 4 plugs (2 Strip because others were full and 2 wall chargers) I have had 4 USB devices charging at the same time and it will charge them though it does slow down a little bit, but not so much that it is a problem.

With my main Galaxy S8+, it charges almost as fast as the factory charger.almost. But given it free’s up a wall plug worth it since most of the time it is hereby me working, so leave it plugged in. To be clear it is not super thick but it is a large footprint power strip. I don’t mind that as long as it is doing its job, and it does. Very happy with it. My son will likely take it to college with him when they go back in the fall.

8. Fantasi Power Strip

[amazon box=”B076R9Z6BY” template=”horizontal”]

Does the job

Has everything I need to charge my various devices. While the universal sockets accommodate all plugs, the unit itself is rather bulky for travel. The sockets are well-spaced, so there seems to be enough room should all sockets be utilized at once. I like that I can turn the unit off to cut power that way, rather than unplugging it.

9. SUPERDANNY Power Strip

[amazon box=”B07NTCZFHL” template=”horizontal”]

A Lot To Like

A lot to like. Very small, no hum when plugged in, on/off switch, and the cord is about 10 feet. It also is not heating up. It was exactly what we wanted. Have so far tried charging 6 things at once and no issue at all. Very happy with this purchase.

10. CRST Power Strip

[amazon box=”B0833N1BXZ” template=”horizontal”]

Good value for money

Nice plug with cool looking and pretty good quality. I’d like to say this is a pleasant shopping experience. I have a few plugs at home, but none of them have long strips. The packaging is nice. The product comes with two parts which can use separately. I like the travel adapter very much. I would recommend using the travel adapter by itself as a night light or charger. It can provide more spaces for the main socket. Very useful item.

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