Think Before You Buy Any Third Party Screen Protector For Huawei Mate X

Welcome to a new Tech Blog. Today I provided Warning news to those users who have Huawei Mate X and they are thinking to buy any Third Party Screen Protector.

Let’s get started, Shall we?.

When you purchase a replacement smartphone, one amongst the primary accessories you’ll wish to buy includes a screen shielder.

However if you get a artistic movement smartphone like Huawei Mate X 5G then you almost certainly got to consider.

Bruce Lee, vice chairman of Huawei client Business cluster French telephone Division same Huawei Mate X.

It already comes with a protecting film out of the box.

“Customers don’t got to install a third-party screen shielder, otherwise, it’ll have an effect on the layers of the foldaway show and its life are shortened.

Customers will visit a certified service center to interchange the protecting film,” he added.

The Huawei Mate X’s show repair can value 7080 yuan and customers can stand up to five hundredth off on the primary show replacement, that continues to be expansive.

So, we might suggest users of Mate X to not install any third party show protection.

Huawei Mate X is Huawei’s initial 5G foldaway phone that comes with a tag of sixteen,999 yuan.

Even with this abundant value, Huawei Mate X continuous to dominate with its 5G speed. However, the foldaway style that convert this device into a daily smartphone and whereas increasing it becomes a pill.

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