Today We came up with Thermaltake View 91 Review that comes with 4 RGB Riing PLUS Fan Pre-installed and it also has 3 Tempered glass on the left, front and right sides of the case.

The View91 TG is a 16.8 million color RGB-infused XL-ATX tower with three 5mm thick tempered glass panels (front and both sides) and four pre-installed Riing Plus 14 RGB fans. A USB Type-C receptacle is located on the front panel, and dual liquid cooling capabilities provide outstanding LCS flexibility.

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Thermaltake View 91

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Thermaltake View 91 Build

I Tried Thermaltake View 91 Build with these parts:

  • i9-7960X processor
  • EVGA x299 FTW K motherboard
  • EVGA GTX 1080 FTW graphics card
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB DDR4 3800 memory
  • Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 Premium Edition CPU cooler
  • Samsung 850 EVO 1TB + 500 GB

With the intention of future liquid cooling, I installed it in the Thermaltake View 91 Tempered Glass RGB Edition Super Tower Chassis. It’s the perfect case for a liquid-cooled system, but it also offers really good airflow. This is a monumental case.

Thermaltake View 91 Review

Thermaltake View 91 Review

The device has been described as a 3D printer, popcorn machine, and fridge. Yes, it is all true, but you will have plenty of space on your desk and windows to show your components if you are interested in that sort of thing. Yes, you can build with a Core i7, i9, Ryzen 7, or 9 series processor, but maybe not. If you push too hard, AIO support is limited to 120mm, so if you push too hard, you could find yourself in throttling territory.

Graphic Cards up to 3 slots. No problem, but maybe even more. With a 24C ambient temperature, an EVGA 3070 CX3 Ultra has not passed 70C. Cable management is simple. There is plenty of room inside. However, to remove side/front panels quickly, you have to remove 5 screws from the top of the cabinet.

The back panel needs four extra thumbscrews, while the bottom PSU area needs an extra thumbscrew x 3. I did not even bother using the cheapo 120 mm fans included with my build, instead of swapping them with 140 mm Silent Wings 3 PWM (not the fast speed models), which are whisper quiet and perform better inflow and static pressure than the stock ones.

Thermaltake View 91 Release Date

The Thermaltake View 91 Released on January 24, 2018, with Amazing Features.

Tempered Glass

The case is finished with three 5mm thick tempered glass panels on the front and both sides, which enhances its sleek appearance while ensuring the durability of the window and ensuring ultimate internal component visibility. Both sides are hinged and swing open, allowing full, unimpeded access to your build.

Modular Design

With modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-designed mounting arrays, you can build your system from the ground up. No more locked screws or gaps that would restrict installation or maintenance.

Fan Mount Bracket

The fan mounting brackets are equipped with a quick-release bar on each side that allows quick and easy removal and reattachment of the fan with minimal movement. Each bracket can accommodate up to three 200mm fans.

GPU Support Bracket

It has an Integrated riser GPU support bracket that helps to prevent the graphics card from sagging and reduces weight on the motherboard PCI-E slots with double PCI-E slots design.


With vertical radiator viewing, you can change the tide on traditional radiator mounting and see the benefits of custom loop or all-in-one radiator applications. With support for 120mm and 140mm radiator applications up to 480mm long, CPU and GPU cooling solutions can be paired more easily.

Hardware Support

Installation and removal times are minimized by the combination 3.5”/2.5” tool-free drive bays, and 3.5” and 2.5” storage drives can be easily transferred, secured, and stored. All twelve 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive bays come with an HDD cage.


The fan is designed to be mounted on the top, bottom, and right panels, with a maximum of 2 200mm/3 140mm/4 120mm fans and 6 200mm/8 140 or 120mm fans for maximum cooling performance.

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Pros and Cons

  • Superior Build Quality.
  • 20 Fans can be installed.
  • 4 Radiators.
  • Up To 12 2.5″/3.5″ Drives.
  • Tool Less Design.
  • Removable Drive Cages.
  • 6 Vertical Drive Mounts.
  • 4 Pre-Installed 140mm Riing PLUS RGB Fans.
  • Might be expensive for some users.


This is the case to buy if you want to keep liquid cool and still have space to work inside, elbows and all. The case is made of solid metals and thick tinted tempered glass and is easy to transport with two people. The price of this product is not low, but it is due to the quality of the material that it uses, and it comes with 4 140mm RGB fans preinstalled. TT had been losing my faith, and this case just might have reasserted it.


Where will optical drives be mounted?

It is an attractive case, but it is not complete without at least 2 5.25″ externally accessible drive bays for DVD/Bluray, and there is no location for a USB 3.1 Gen 2 5.25 front panel. It’s almost as if they built everything, but forgot about 5.25″ accessories or something.

How do I get the liquid coolant system?

Either you can get an AIO and use it or you can study up on the components from EK or Thermaltake and build your own custom loop. In this case, anything can be made to work since a good portion of these parts are standard. With a bracket, EK pumps can be mounted to 120mm or 140mm fans, and all radiators fit into the same 120,140,240,280,360,420mm slots. I strongly recommend using the EK configurator to create a loop.

Will this case support 2 of the Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Radiator 560

If u do that, the hard drive cage will be destroyed, When putting the rads in, there will be no room left, so be sure to attach the power supply first and run all your cables. Install at least 2 pumps, the case is huge! But the way the components are presented is stunning.

Do e-atx boards fit sideways?

The Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB case is a much better alternative. I run an I9 processor with 32GB of RAM and a GeForce 1080 graphics card on a X299 Deluxe MOBO. My Master Air Maker 8 High End CPU cooler works great.

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