The Thermaltake LCGS Shadow 370 closed-loop liquid cooling gaming PC from LCGS is powered by AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-core CPU and chilled with TT cooling performance. NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 3070 supercharges graphics performance for the latest Ray Tracing graphics and gameplay; 1TB of NVMe M.2 storage is also available, and VESA mounting capabilities are integrated to wall-mount and carry your PC with you when you need it.

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Thermaltake LCGS Shadow 370

Thermaltake LCGS Shadow 370

This computer has been carefully packed, cleaned up, and looks great when switched on. All of the parts of this PC have been purchased from high-quality brands, so there are no typical no-brand Motherboards or Coolers. The open-frame case is great, but be aware that it weighs over 40 pounds. Stress tests and performance benchmarks meet all of the standards for a 3700x/RTX 3070 build.

Key Specification

Series‎Shadow 370
Model number‎P3BK-B550-S37-LCS
CPUAMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-core
GPURTX™ 3070
RAM ToughRam DDR4 3600Mhz 16GB RGB
StorageNVMe M.2 1TB
Power Supply650W 80PLUS Gold power supply
ConnectivityUSB 3.0 | USB 2.0 | headphone | mic ports | HDMI | DP
Operating system‎Windows 10 Home
Dimension60.96 x 55.88 x 43.18 cm; 25.85 Kilograms
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Thermaltake LCGS Shadow 370 Review

Generally, prebuilt computers are considered inferior to building your own in this case, it’s difficult for me to imagine a way to put together a build with the same components for less than the asking price; it might be possible to source lower-cost parts for the same performance, but that would either compromise on quality or aesthetics.

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This unique computer is reasonably priced for $1799. Given its specs, it performs surprisingly well. I upgraded the PSU to 850w and installed some custom lights, and the Gigabyte custom RGB software works brilliantly. VH runs most games at 4K or UH at 1080p, so even though the processor is a little older, you should not have any problems playing things. This is a steal if you consider all of the individual parts and consider how much they cost, you won’t find it anywhere else. However, be patient and wait for the 1799 price.


  • This system is a massive quality checker, so I can attest that Thermaltake’s build quality on my system is the best that I have ever seen on a prebuilt desktop in my 30 years of owning PCs. None of the components were loose or soiled, and I was able to remove the packing materials without creating any debris on the system.
  • This system uses far less than the 650W that the PSU is rated to deliver straight out of the box, which along with the PSU’s gold rating have made it through two failed power tests to date. I still intend to buy a UPS, but thermaltake’s greater concern for the PSU tells me that they intend for these devices to be long-term investments for every customer.
  • GIGABYTE RTX 3070OC 8G is one of the most reliable and finely tuned 30-series cards on the market. It is factory OC’d to 1815Mhz and can be easily OC/UV tuned to that speed at.875v. Afterburner supports unlocking, custom fan curves, limitations, and more.


  • If you live in a clean house, the open design is great. If you live in a house where people think “dust on the table” is a remix of the song “Dust in the Wind,” you’ll need to use an air blower every month or two. The Thermaltake team did an incredible job making sure that this build does not suffer from a little dust buildup that could cause shortages.
  • It’s a modular case, but I would have to buy a whole separate tower to accommodate items such as the extra glass panels on the sides. Since I am so disgusted with the case, I want to replace it with something more traditional.

The Things Thermaltake Missed

If necessary, would Thermaltake recommend more RAM? What other recommendations can I make that would make this system more enjoyable to use? This is an investment, right? How can Thermaltake help me to adjust my system over time, using new parts or other items in the Thermaltake shop?.

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I would pay Thermaltake a very high price to send me a detailed video in which it explains how to adjust the AORUS B550 BIOS settings, how to update the RTX 3070 BIOS, or any other nifty features or advanced tips, all stuff that is only between Thermaltake and its customers. Basically, everyone who buys Razer gets this “club treatment,” and I want to be in the Thermaltake Club.

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