The Thermaltake Lcgs L20 AVT-02 takes compact cooling performance to the next level and is designed for budgets of all sizes to deliver closed-loop liquid cooling performance for CPU cooling with minimal maintenance. For a simple, colorful solution, team up with the motherboard LED lightning, and SYNC.

It is controlled directly through the motherboard’s software, you can choose and set from a range of colors while leveraging addressable LEDs built-in for animations to bring your build to life. Your PC wants to look as good as it works, and LCGS is here to help you achieve that look.

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Thermaltake LCGS

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Thermaltake LCGS Wraith Aio Liquid Cooled Cpu Gaming Pc

thermaltake lcgs

The Thermaltake lcgs L20 AVT-01 is designed to provide users with a virtual maintenance-free liquid cooling solution, making it ideal for travel or to take to a LAN party. Each panel of the L20 AVT-01 is interchangeable to create the perfect square for construction.

Taking advantage of the tempered glass panels, which feature a single gap, reduces stress on the motherboard while providing excellent thermal performance. Standard acrylic panels can be replaced with single gapped glass panels for more airflow and less impact.

It has the following Features:

Ray Tracing

Realistic graphics are the heart of next-generation gaming. The GeForce RTX 2060 is light years ahead of other cards in introducing truly original real-time ray-tracing technologies for cutting-edge, hyper-realistic graphics. GeForce RTX has a dedicated hardware encoder that allows you to game and stream simultaneously with superior quality.


Based on the asymmetrical design, each panel on the L20 AVT-01 can be removed or placed to create the perfect square for construction.


For a simple, colorful solution, team up with the motherboard LED lighting and SYNC. This solution was developed to provide users with a maintenance-free virtual liquid cooling solution.


G. Skill TridentZ DDR4 3200 2x8GB 16GB (RGB) was the type of ram advertised, and I received a Thermaltake RGB version very similar in speed and price. The same thing applies to SSDs, but instead a firecuda drive.

thermaltake lcgs


Plenty of upgrades from the box, including bios, flashing, and such; though, as I understand, this computer was built quite a while ago, the bios version I had was 2.2, which isn’t listed as a supported bio on the ASRock x570m pro 4 sites at the time I received it. If you have 2.2, flash the bios, because who knows what is going on there.

 RGB controllers

The Thermaltake LCGS L20 AVT-02 RGB controllers were set to default mode and therefore were not properly configured, but a telephone conversation with Thermaltake helped resolve the situation.


It’s a handsome system with good components that works well. Reinstalling the sound drivers manually fixed the BSOD issues and since then I haven’t had crashes. When the initial issues were resolved, it’s an extremely sophisticated system that deserves four stars.

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