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2K CAMERA & 5G WIFI TRANSMISSION: Built in advanced 2K(2048*1152p) HD CAMERA, the drone captures tremendous video and aerial photos. Upgraded 5G WIFI transmission allows greater clean and clean real-time moments.

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STRONGER GPS SIGNAL & LONGER CONTROL DISTANCE: With accurate GPS positioning, it assist you to to tune your quadcopter from APP, and it supports Return-to-Home (RTH) function exactly for a safer flight. Besides, the control variety can reach 1680FT, father than other drones.

DURABLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR: The effective brushless motor maintains the drone hovering stably in wind, and its quiet and durable characters make flight extra enjoyable. The drone comes with a 1800mAh modular battery, increase the airtime as much as 18 mins.

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FUN TO FLY: The smart drone frees your hand by way of Follow Me mode. It will follow you automatically. Through Plan A Route function, you may decide a fly route at your will. In APP, simply simply pick out a factor of hobby and set off it, the drone will finish circle fly with high performance.

EASY TO OPERATE: SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS drone is featured with easy maneuverability. It is finished by using the integrated functions including headless mode, one key features, car hovering and APP control. Never lose manipulate and get loss.

Customer Reviews

My Review

This drone isn’t a toy and ought to be flown with care. The Snaptain SP700 capabilities 5G WiFi with GPS and a 2K digital camera on the version I purchased. It is extremely fast and you may loose sight of it quickly.

I advise flying it with the digital camera working and as a minimum the potential to view the camera on your phone. It will return by way of itself but it can’t evade obstacles at the same time as doing so.

It can follow or orbit depending on what you put it to do and it does them both very well. It additionally has a GPS mode so that it will have it observe a pre-set patrol route.

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I wish the battery lasted longer or there has been a manner to add a larger battery. I am contemplating locating a manner to connect a couple sun chargers to it to peer if I can increase flight time.

The modular battery is pleasant but restrictive in case you wanted to try to improve to a better battery. It even fly’s nicely in windy environments.

Final Verdict

I would recommend learning on some cheaper drones first and working your way up to this. Although this is technically can be easier to fly then most of the cheaper toy drones it can seriously injure someone or their property. Please exercise caution and follow all safety regulations and laws when operating this drone.

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