Youtube New Update: Set your Coppa Act Settings now or Face Big Consequences

Welcome to tech Blog. Today I provided Important news for all youtube creators. so lets get started.

As a YouTube creator, you’re required to line future and existing videos as made for kids or not. Even creators who don’t make content for kids got to set their audience. this may help make sure that we provide the acceptable features on your content. 

To help you comply, we are introducing a replacement audience setting on YouTube Studio. you’ll set your audience:

At the channel level, which can set all of your future and existing content as made for teenagers or not. 

Or, at the video level. If you select this feature , you’ll got to set each existing and future video as made for teenagers or not. 

To set your audience as made for teenagers you will need to try to to so in YouTube Studio. 

you will not be ready to do so in Creator Studio Classic.
We’ll make the audience selection tool available to third-party applications

 and therefore the YouTube API Services within the near future. For now, please use YouTube Studio to upload made for teenagers content.

Complete Youtube Coppa Act Law for Kids:

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