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Anker Nebula Projectors

1 – Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

  1. Dark photo: In order to observe TV I needed to wait until nigh fall, as even with darkish curtains there has been still too much ambient light to virtually see what was occurring at the screen.
  2. Difficult to focus the image: I did not manipulate to get a sharp picture over the whole illuminated area, I could most effective get components of the photograph in full awareness (e.G. decrease left corner) even at minimal keystone correction
  3. Frustrating to use: I am used to Android devices, however I still discovered the menu counterintuitive and the enter clunky (e.G. For typing wifi passwords).
  4. Admitted, I did no longer download the manipulate app to my phone, which may have improved a few input aspects. Also, the device continuously dissconnected from my wifi, which became surely annoying.

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List Price$279.99
Deal of the Day:$221.99

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2 – Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector

  1. Tripod mount is a lot shallower than different usual tripod plates. So the consequence of that is that Anker Nebula wiggles a lot! (This issue changed into resolved with different anker representative, she ship me a tripod. But now I don’t realize what to do with this tripod due to the fact this issue goes lower back to amazon.)
  2. Mirroring trouble: I had no trouble connecting my Note nine to this projector. It was quick and simple. There is a first-rate lag right after I connect my telephone to this projector. I.E. after I flip my streaming service (Netflix/ondemand) it lags for approximately a minute with excessive sound postpone to the factor where it’s almost non watchable. But this calms down after about a minute so no longer a deal breaker.
  3. For first couple of days, I would pay attention weird, high pitched fan noise. It changed into exactly the same noise after I had a faulty dell XPS 13. It sounded like the fan in the projector became hitting a steel object. This turned into extremely disturbing due to the fact this sound become random. I recorded the sound of this disturbing fan noise and I sent it to Anker (Nothing absolutely worked out). When I tried to copy the trouble, I couldn’t. The handiest comparable sound that I should mirror turned into once I turn off the projector from (brightest). Within that frame, .five seconds, I can in short hear the sound again. When it happened all through playback, it lasted for correct amount, at the least 30seconds to a minute, and it might appear randomly. Anyways, at this factor I changed into just uninterested and executed troubleshooting this projector. My love at first sight became to hate and I couldn’t wait to go back this factor.

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Deal of the Day:$369.99

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Final Verdict:

In my Opinion, I like both but you can try one of them as both have more pros than its cons.

Let me know in the comment section which one you guys are going to buy as i am excited to know your answers.

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