Rii K18 Plus Wireless 3-LED Color Backlit Multimedia Keyboard Review 2020

Today I provided a Short review of Rii K18 Plus Wireless 3-LED Color Backlit Multimedia Keyboard. So let’s Begin our Blog.

Rii K18 Plus Wireless 3-LED Color Backlit Multimedia Keyboard


So far, I am very much impressed by this keyboard. It can be used with any device that the USB dongle for the 2.4 GHz dongle can be plugged into. This would include laptops, Windows PCs, some android TV boxes, MAC computers and laptops, etc. I have a couple of the RII keyboards, but I like this one better than the others that I have. The features that I very much like about this keyboard are:

1 – Even without lighting, the lettering on the keys is large and easy to read.
2 – The colors available are bright and very easy to see in the dark. I have others that the lighting is so dim it doesn’t help much.
3 – You can easily toggle between the lighting colors of blue, red, and green with the press of a button.
4 – When typing the key touch is good and doesn’t click. The keyboard isn’t much smaller than a full-sized keyboard, and I had no problem typing normally on it.
5 – The touchpad replaces the numeric keyboard of a full-sized keyboard, and can easily be used instead of a mouse. In my testing, I found the touch pad to be extremely responsive, and it worked as well as the touchpads on any of my laptops.
6 – Drivers were installed automatically on my Windows 10 computer, and all of the FN keys worked flawlessly.
7 – The charging cable and USB dongle can be stored in the keyboard so they are always handy and can’t be lost.
8 – If you need a longer USB cable for charging, an extension is supplied.

So far, I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about this keyboard, and, believe me, I tend to be critical when I can. I can’t yet attest to how long the charge lasts as it hasn’t run out as yet. If it does, it isn’t a problem to connect it to a USB port on my computer for charging. I have been involved with computers and electronics for over 40 years, and I can personally recommend this keyboard.

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