The Relee Camera looks a little like a GoPro, however, there is no camera lens like on a GoPro. The camera has an LED screen on the back that shows the time, the battery status, and the battery life. The Release 4k camera has a rechargeable Li-ion battery which can take 8 hours of shooting or 4 hours of wireless streaming.

You will need to recharge the battery via the on-camera charging station as it does not come with a charger. However, once the battery fully charges it can record at 4k up to 16 GB of data and has Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming to laptops and smartphones for viewing and controlling.

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Relee Camera

The Relee 4k camera features a waterproof design down to 5 meters / 16 ft. The camera comes with a soft plastic case and is able to mount onto a helmet, bike, etc. The camera has a fixed on-camera Wi-Fi and can stream images and video to smartphones and tablets. However, it does not come with an external mic input as only the built-in microphone is good enough for live streaming.

Best 4k Camera For Music Video

best 4k camera for music video

The Relee 4k camera supports only the.mp4,.mov and. Mkv video formats, however, support many more formats of video and images such as.jpg,.jpeg,.png, etc. There are no options for.h264,.mp3 or FLAC audio formats. The Relee 4k camera also features a USB 2.0 port, so users can upgrade any flash drive with 3.5″, 2.5″, or 1.8″ drives.

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Relee Camera

There are several features of the Relee 4k action camera that make these cameras a very interesting option for users. Some of the interesting features are :

Intuitive remote control

Vision 3 Pro’s touch screen and IPS display make it easy to use and point and shoot. Stunningly smooth photos and steady videos are delivered. Screens bigger, shots happier.

4X Zoom

This sports camera, which features professional 4K/24FPS videos as well as 4X zoom to adjust the subject’s distance, can capture exceptionally impressive and incredible moments.

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Adjustable Angle Lens

It is up to you whether you prefer an extensive or narrow field view in this camera.

Waterproof Camera

This waterproof camera lets you discover spectacular underwater scenery, allowing you to dive as deep as 100 feet, which makes it suitable for underwater sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and so on.

Wifi & HDMI

The 2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control allows for extended ranges and frees up your hand for more enjoyment. Use the app “XDV” to share your video or photo on social networks like Facebook, Youtube, and Insts.

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