You are looking for Best Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, I know, so with that respect, I provide the best deal for Ralthy Wireless Controller.

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Ralthy Wireless Controller

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Ralthy Wireless Controller Review

Does its job

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First off, the controller is very easy to sync. Just make sure to read the instructions! It does not sync using the same methods as official Switch controllers. This controller is MUCH easier to sync. Literally just a press of the button.

At first I wasn’t a fan of how the controller looks, but now I understand its design. The controller has an unusual shape, yet feels incredibly comfortable. This contours my palms perfectly. The controls are very responsive and feel natural. This does not feel cheap.

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Overall, I am very pleased with this controller. If you’re looking for an affordable extra controller that feels better than the joy cons, this is the one to get.

Great controller and better haptic effects than the original joycons

This is a great controller to grasp in your hands from an ergonomic standpoint. The original joycons cause me to pain in my palm as I have to crunch my palm width while holding it due to the less wingspan.

This one is perfect with the correct span for my palm. Great haptic effects (better than the original joycons).

You get a great shudder and vibration effects in your hand during the switch games. Beautiful red and blue color that matches my original joy cons. Big, Robust, and simply wonderful. You cannot go wrong with this controller. Highly recommended. Lovely quality.

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