Plusivo Soldering iron kit amazon

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Plusivo Soldering iron kit amazon

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The Soldering Kit with Multimeter includes:

  • Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W).
  • Soldering Iron Stand.
  • Multimeter with Premium Probes.
  • Mini Wire Stripper Tool, Diagonal Wire Cutter and Cutter.
  • Tweezers (Curved ESD-15, Straight Tweezers ESD-11).
  • Tin Wire Solder Tube.
  • Desoldering Pump.
  • Black 22 and Red 22 AWG Wire.
  • Soldering Iron Tip Set (5 pcs).
  • Solder Wick and Soldering Paste.
  • Mini Screwdriver and Mini PCB.
  • Insulating Tape (black, red and yellow).
  • Pen Shaped Screwdriver.
  • Bonus Heat Shrink Kit.
  • Ebook for download: Mastering the art of soldering.
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Plusivo Soldering iron kit amazon Review

I bought this kit in hopes of using it to replace some microswitches in a gaming mouse as it had started doing the dreaded doubleclick on the left/right mouse buttons.

I’ve never used a soldering iron before so wasn’t really sure what to expect. A lot of guides suggested models with temp controls on the base/digital temp selection but I wasn’t looking to spend that much since it was only for one repair (for now.) Naturally I chose this kit.


The iron gets plenty hot enough to melt the lead-free solder used in most consumer electronics these days. The iron goes all the way up to 450C but setting it to a little above 350C and tinning the tip got the job done.

Solder Sucker:

Boy, this thing is amazingly handy. One of the reasons I bought this over a slightly more expensive standalone iron with no extra goodies. It works perfectly for more spaced-out posts but I had difficulty using it on post clusters that were only a few mm apart. The tip is a tad too blunt to get good suction around those. Really like this thing.

Solder wick:

This being the first time I’ve soldered I can’t really give an opinion on the quality of the wick but I can say that it did not work for my application. I mostly tried using it for clearing the last bit of solder off of a cluster of posts but it just would not absorb. I ended up having to get out the air compressor and break some rules with an air brush tip. Safety glasses and a long sleeve shirt and gloves! Some better quality wick to go alongside this kit would probably a good choice.

Solder wire:

I purchased some extra 60/40 wire in addition to the stuff that comes in the kit and honestly I don’t notice that much of a difference between the two. Nice. Used the stuff that came in the kit as tinning for desoldering.

Other extra goodies:

You can probably find creative ways to use most every extra tool that comes in the kit. The little screwdrivers I actually needed to use to disassemble some plastics braces inside the mouse. That’s helpful. I put some of the tape around the pair of tweezers and used it as a clamp to keep the switches straight while soldering.

All in all this kit is so convenient and helped get the job done. Cost less than buying a new mouse, So Recommended it for you guys.

5/5 Rating from my side.

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