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OYO Personal Gym

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TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Total Body Workout, Build Muscle, Increase Flexibility, Burn Fat, Strengthen Chest, Back, Arms, Core, Abs, and Legs at the same time as growing Cardio Endurance. OYO Fitness Director Nick Bolton has created over 60 Men & Women, Beginner to Advanced Workout Programs, consisting of Resistance Training, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, and Walking.

NASA SPIRAFLEX TECHNOLOGY REPLACES WEIGHTS: The OYO Gym’s SpiraFlex resistance era has been used for over 10 years at the International Space Station to hold astronauts fit. NASA look at proved SpiraFlex elevated muscle length and energy as an awful lot as free-weights.

GET LEAN & FIT FAST: SpiraFlex builds lean muscle that burns fat, even at rest. Patented DoubleFlex activation affords resistance to opposing muscle corporations in every movement, so you can build a balanced frame in much less time.

TOTAL BODY FITNESS: Snap-on FlexPacks in 5 & 10 lb. Increments for up to twenty-five lbs. Of smooth resistance, feels linear (equal) through the range of motion like free-weights, no longer progressive like resistance bands. The OYO Gym is proven to reinforce and form your body where you are right now.

ALL IN ONE PORTABLE GYM: Includes (1) five lb. And (2) 10 lb. FlexPacks (25 lbs. Of resistance), Leg & Door Anchors, Nutrition Guide & Membership inside the OYO Fitness Club without cost online access to over 60 exercising and 197 exercise videos. Built to last with Three Year Warranty.

BASIC PACKAGE: Includes (1) 5-pound and (2) 10-pound FlexPacks (25 pounds of resistance). The basic version DOES NOT INCLUDE LEG OR DOOR ANCHORS. Comes with Nutrition Guide and free online access to over 60 workout and 197 exercise videos.

TOTAL BODY PACKAGE: Includes (1) 5-pound and (2) 10-pound FlexPacks (25 pounds of resistance). Includes Leg and Door Anchors, Nutrition Guide, and free online access to over 60 workout and 197 exercise videos.

Convenient, Fast, Total Body Fitness

The OYO Personal Gym is a portable gym that allows you to transform your body in just minutes a day, with simple exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. Save the cost of crowded gyms and bulky home equipment. Use the OYO Personal Gym to build muscle, increase flexibility, burn fat, and strengthen your chest, back, arms, core, abs, and legs while increasing cardio endurance.

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SpiraFlex resistance technology builds lean muscle, which burns fat, even at rest. Patented DoubleFlex activation provides resistance to opposing muscle groups within each movement, so you can build a balanced body in less time. Combining strength with movement, without weight or momentum, the OYO Personal Gym is the breakthrough fitness technology that sculpts and tones your body.

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OYO Fitness Director Nick Bolton has created over 60 beginners to advanced workout videos, including workouts that integrate resistance training with cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and walking. Nick has also developed the highly successful OYO 10 Week Challenge Program, available to stream free online. With your purchase, you’ll receive everything you need to start working out immediately.

OYO Personal Gym Review

This exercise equipment is excellent. It is convenient and fun. I am a health and exercise enthusiast. The OYO Personal Gym takes away all of the usual excuses that people come up with for not exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym. The gym is at your side. You don’t need a lot of space or dedicated area in your home.


– The device is easy to use and ready to go straight out of the box
Extremely versatile (as advertised). It really does work doing all of the
exercises they advertise.

– Looks sleek.

– Seems well made. I have only been using it for a week, but the materials seem high quality. I worry a little about the strings overtime/use, but – they look pretty solid.

– This does not have a lot of resistance at all.

– I haven’t been working out for about a year and purchased in order to “work up” to do the bigger stuff.

– Out of the box, it’s very little resistance, even if you haven’t been working out for a long, long time. You can remedy this by doing a lot of reps slowly (Strength training) – but they should have designed it to be able to add more resistance.

Customer Reviews

OYO Personal Gym Review

Final Verdict

 I have kept this at my desk and I use it all day long during meetings. I work in tech, so I have a lot of phone calls and I just sit there cranking away the reps while I talk in meetings. It’s a great device… I wish I could modify the resistance but on the flip side.

If you modify your reps to be slower, you can make it harder. I am happy I purchased it and it’s useful. Perhaps if it was too hard, it wouldn’t be used as much.

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