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18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand

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Inkeltech Ring Light
Inkeltech Ring Light 18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand
INTELLIGENT AND QUICK COLOR CHANGE – Inkeltech Ring Lights are controlled via the IR remote controller or the knob on the stand. Adjust the color temperature from 3000 K to 6000 K easily without using color filters. Achieve cold white light or warm light to hide blemishes and change skin tones quickly and easily. LED SMD design and 480 pcs LED beads on our Ring Light offers more light for your camera photography, live streaming, Facebook Live, beauty makeup, selfies and videos.

SELFIE CONTROLLER AND IR REMOTE – Take photos directly with our wireless selfie controller! Change the color temperature (3000-6000 K) and brightness (0%-100%) of the Inkeltech Ring Lights from up to 2.5 metres away (98 inches) with our IR Remote! You can select between 7 modes of lighting from the IR Remote including (a) Night Light Mode, (b) Warm Light Mode, (c) Cold Light Mode and others! With all these modes, you are bound to find the best light to suit your style.

PHONE HOLDER AND LIGHT STANDEach Inkeltech Ring Light has a rotating (360 degrees) phone holder and a retractable tripod that effortlessly helps you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting! The phone holder is suitable for most smartphones including iPhone, Samsung and Huawei (2.5-3.5 in / 65-90 mm wide). The adjustable light stand range is 20-75 in / 50-190 cm. One bag carries the total weight (4.5 lbs) giving a lightweight and portable setup for outdoor shooting!

USE INDOORS AND OUTDOORS – Have a great deal of flexibility and power your Inkeltech Ring Light outdoors with batteries (SONY batteries only; not included)! The indicator light on the back of the stand shows your batteries status: (1) The indicator is off when the batteries are fully charged, (2) The indicator will flash red when the batteries will run out soon and (3) The indicator will flash when the batteries are about to run out. Alternatively, power your Ring Light by plugging it in indoors

PACKAGE INCLUDES – Inside of your package, you will receive: LED Ring Light Body (18 in / 46cm) x1, Tripod (20-75 in / 50-190 cm) x1, IR Remote Control x1, Selfie Controller x1, Phone Holder x1, Camera Holder x1, Adapter x1, Durable Travel Bag x1 and paper instructions for quick and easy setup.

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– With our 480 LED bulbs, Inkeltech delivers brighter and stronger.
– lighting that models with <350 bulbs can’t match.
– Change the lighting with a knob or use our remote for a hands-free experience.
– Second controller allows you to take selfies/record videos with a click of a button (comes with a phone holder).
– Travel bag for easy transportation and can be powered with batteries for wireless lighting.
Customer Rating4.6 out of 5 stars (838) 
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Inkeltech Ring Light Review

1.Easy setup and take down, did not take long at all, maybe 2 mins.

2. Portability is great, comes in a bag where everything fits, and it has handles to make carrying it a breeze.

3. No additional parts needed to make the light mode change, which is great for me because I hate lots of parts, I end up losing them (some lights come with additional parts to change from colors from white to orange tones and I was not about that life).

4. OMG, the brightness of this light is life changing. Easy diming, multiple options on lighting and brightness.

5. The height is adjustable, I mean like really, really adjustable!! It can go from short to giant in a matter of seconds. Like all the way to the ceiling (well not quite but you get the point).

6. Sturdy – the product is sturdy and will not fall over, the quality of the material is great.
1 . The phone holder adapter … while my iPhone 10 xs does fit, it does not fit well with the case on it. Every time I try to put it on the holder, it becomes a full-blown wrestling match that I end up losing. Therefore, I have to take my phone out of the case, and while that sounds like an easy task, my case is extremely difficult to come off. So again, another wrestling match. (Please note, my phone case is thicker on the sides and that maybe the issue, I am currently looking for a slimmer case to see if it helps).

2. The phone holder adapter does not stay put! It easily falls off and I cannot get it to stay. While this may be a user error, I cannot figure out how to make it stay on there without worrying about my naked phone and the possibility of falling makes me have a panic attack.

Final Verdict

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I definitely recommend purchasing this product. Good quality, fast shipping, and easy to use. 5/5 Rating from my side

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