Huawei biggest growth in the wearables market in Q1 2019

The latest research from IDC showed us that Apple got the first position in Q1 2019 on the global wearables market but Huawei and Samsung are closing the gap at an impressive rate. In fact, Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi posted the biggest growth in Q1 2019.

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According to the Report, Huawei Increased its sales for that period at around 282% surge compared to last year – 5 million units were shipped. However, Apple was still ahead with more wearables reaching 12.8 million sales and Xiaomi generating 6.6 million units. Samsung Achieved 4.3 million and Fitbit takes the 5th position with 2.9 million wearables.

Of course, all five manufacturers recorded a year-over-year growth, but Huawei takes the lead in this regard. Samsung also boasts impressive growth figures at 151% and Xiaomi taking the third place with 68% year-over-year growth.

Still, Apple continues to dominate with 25.8% market share with Xiaomi coming in second at 13.3% and Huawei occupying the third position with 10%.

And here are the stats just for the wrist-worn devices.

The research manager for IDC Mobile Device Trackers says that the elimination of the headphone jack and the growing popularity of smart assistants are the driving factors for ear-worn wearables and the trend will continue to go upwards.

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