How to Promote Webinars, Promotion is an integral part of hosting a webinar, because the entire purpose is to pass on information to an audience, and the larger the audience, the better. Promoting your event allows people to know about it and spreads the word.

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What Makes Webinars so Effective

How to Promote Webinars

How to Promote Webinar
How to Promote Webinar

Here are the top-listed Techniques for webinars:

Use Email

According to research, email is the best way to promote a webinar. ReadyTalk rated the email approach to webinar promotion with 4.46 out of 5. People are much more likely to take action when they receive an email about it.

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Social Media

However, email isn’t the only way that you should be promoting your webinar. You should also be using social media, with whatever networks you normally use.

Facebook and Twitter are absolutely required and LinkedIn is a good idea as well.

Registration Form

Once people land on your registration page, you’ve still got to convince them to sign up.

You might be tempted to create a long registration form so that you will have information about your attendees, but you should limit your fields to 4 instead.


Remind, Remind, Remind. Just because someone signed up for your webinar doesn’t mean they are going to attend. In fact, many of them will simply forget about it. That’s why you need to remind them, starting with regular reminders the month before the event and culminating in two or three email reminders the week prior.

Landing Page

Optimize your landing page properly. Make sure that they know the date and time of the webinar and how you are going to be able to solve their problem. You will also want information on the speakers and even if it is you, give them a celebrity-like write-up that makes them seem like someone worth listening to.


If your webinar is still a few months away, and you don’t already have one, consider writing a blog about the topic you are going to be covering in your webinar. Blogs drive traffic because the richness of content puts you in the search results for a lot of keyword phrases.

Forum Signatures

Make sure that your webinar is featured prominently in your email signature and your forum signatures relating to the topics that you will be covering in your webinar.

Also, make you are sending out emails and posting on the forums.

What Makes Webinars so Effective?

What Makes Webinars so Effective
What Makes Webinars so Effective

You’ve probably heard that webinars are one of the best ways to connect with an audience. That’s exactly why you’re probably interested in hosting one.

But why are they so effective and how do they compare to other forms of communication and instruction?

In this article, we will examine the reasons why webinars are such a great way to build rapport with an audience and share information so that you can decide whether or not to hold your own webinar.


When you hold a seminar on the web for a large audience, you automatically gain credibility, which makes people more likely to buy the products you recommend as well as be more willing to pay for your information. (how to promote webinars)

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Staying Power

People can tune out important concepts when watching a video, especially when the video isn’t particularly compelling. But the live element of webinars makes people much more likely to listen and pay attention.


A webinar is a wonderful tool for delivering information in real-time, rather than later on or worse, secondhand.


Webinars are far more convenient than traditional seminars in that participants only need to come to their computer – or in some cases, their mobile phone – to attend.

Actual Answers

When you hold a live webinar, you can actually answer your attendees’ questions, which is one of the major benefits of the medium over other forms of information transfer. If someone does not understand something, they may ask.

How to Manage Questions in Large Webinars

Large Webinar
How to Manage Questions in Large Webinar

When you host a large webinar, managing questions can be difficult, because there are so many and you never have time to answer them all.

Best Hosting

You don’t want to spend all of your time answering questions because you have a presentation to give, but you also don’t want to leave any of your participants in the dark because you couldn’t answer their questions.

For answering as many questions as possible, you can follow these strategies. All conference participants are muted by default in a webinar.

You are the only person who has the ability to speak, and most platforms let you demote individuals, but this is a very inefficient way to answer questions.

Because some people may not have their microphones set correctly, and it wastes time. Some platforms offer chat, and that’s a far better way to ask questions.

If your platform does not have this option, you’ll have to rely on Twitter or Facebook to ask questions.

In either case, these tips can help you get your questions answered:

  1. Get some assistance. Have someone to help you track questions, so that you aren’t answering something that has already been asked.
  2. You can cut through the tangents of conversations by asking the person to form their questions into a few sentences. Someone who relates their life to you just to ask a question is wasting valuable time that could be used to answer other questions.
  3. Have everything possible answered on your topic online, so people can find answers, leaving room for questions not addressed.
  4. Tell people they have questions that don’t require an immediate answer, that you will answer their email queries within the next few days, and then devote your time to answering questions that require an answer as soon as possible.

You’ll want to ask your audience a lot of good questions. But you’ll also find that by having a moderator and following these tips.

You’ll be able to ask as many good questions as possible and provide the information your audience needs.

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