The Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower Features an intel 8th Generation Processor that is paired up with 4GB DDR4 + 16GB Optane Memory and 500 GB HDD which is quite the best combo for office workers that is why I decided to give a review of it.

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Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower

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Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower Review

The Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini-Tower can perform well for Office and Daily Routine workers because with it you can enjoy Microsoft Office, Picasso, and many more programs that are easy to run.

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dell optiplex 7060 mini tower review


Intel’s Core i3-8300 is a little move forward from the Core i3-8100 that was delivered last year, during the primary flood of Coffee Lake processors. Contrasted with the i3-8100, the i3-8300, which is $20 all the more expensive, accompanies 100 MHz higher clock recurrence, 2 MB more store, and a somewhat quicker IGP.

We are not actually certain about i3-8100 execution since we do not have an example, yet the i3-8300 is unquestionably not 20% quicker, which is the thing that would be needed to make both even from a value/execution viewpoint.

The 100 MHz clock recurrence increment is around 3%, and the reserve will presumably include another 3% presentation top of that for an aggregate of 6%. Regardless of whether we are liberal and expect 8%-10%, that is not almost enough to compensate at the $20 cost increment over the i3-8100.

Intel Core i3 8300 @ 3692.78 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR

RAM & Storage

The Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower provides 16GB Optane Memory that is quite enough for your pc to run most of the programs without lag, easily runs all kinds of software like Antivirus, CrystalDiskInfo Microsoft Office 2019.

As for Storage concerns, Dell has a 500 GB HDD which can store your files, Entertertainment stuffs like movies, music, and pictures.

Additional Features

The Dell 7060 Mini Tower got you following extra features:

Dell Optiplex 7060

Feature One

 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD.

Feature Two

Integrated Intel keyboard and mouse with 8-speed SuperMulti DVD recorder.

Feature Three

Windows 10 Pro comes with a Dell warranty until 2022.

Feature Four

4.5 of 5 Ratings on Amazon.

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Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower Datasheet

Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Rower Price

The Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Rower Price on Amazon is $367.95 at the moment, so buy it now from the links provided in the article.

Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower Specs

Customer rating4.5 out of 5 stars (15) 
Equipment Memory Size4GB
CPU modelCore i3 8300
Manufacturer Model CPUIntel
CPU speed3.70 GHz
Graphic CoprocessorIntegrated Graphics
Description Graphicsintegrated
Hard Drive Size500 GB
Hardware platformPc
Dimensions Item13.8 x 10.8 x 6.1 inches
Operating systemWindows 10
Processor Count4
7060 Mini Tower Specs

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