The CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop combines fashion, upgradability, and portability in a 0.7 cubic foot form factor and a mesmerizing infinity mirror front panel, without compromising on superior cooling, flexibility, or performance, speed, and power. The CUK Stratos Mini ITX occupies a small area, giving you more workspace without compromising on style and maximum PC performance.

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CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop

CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop

You get all of the options for the price tag, including windows already installed on your computer. It arrived in an extraordinary box days earlier than I expected, ready to boot and play. The system is very secure and well secured. It runs smoothly and quietly. Recommend.

Each Stratos Mini ITX desktop includes 1x Desktop Gaming Computer, 1x Rainbow Backlit USB Keyboard, 1x LED USB Mouse, and 1x AC Power Cord.

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CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop Review

The CUK Gaming desktop is Optimized for the Best Gaming Experience, and also comes with Rainbow Keyboard and LED Mouse Bundle.

It has the Following Features

Build Quality

It has Future proof upgrades options that are easy to make because the Stratos Mini ITX’s two side panels swing open like doors, enabling you to swap components easily. A 4mm thick tempered glass door, houses your motherboard, RAM, and CPU. On the other side, a vented door is strategically placed for your GPU to efficiently vent heat from your case.

CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop Build Quality


Your system will feel cool, retain heat, and have better thermals and reliability thanks to the top to bottom front panel side vents, dual-side panel doors, plus 2 front and 2 topmounted high airflows PWM RGB fans. The included remote controls the 4 pre-installed 600-2200rpm PWM 87 CFM fans.

Stress Test

Each custom desktop is built by hand for perfect assembly, and the systems are put through an intensive burn-in test and over 40 quality checkpoints before being packaged. This custom PC from CUK is ready to plug into and start playing the latest games on high settings as soon as you open it up.

Short Review

It’s a very pretty, petite form factor case, which I adore. It appears to have good airflow with four 120mm case fans that exhaust the GPU through the side panel, and the motherboard has two M.2 slots. It has one on the front and one on the back. It also has only two DIMM slots, so two sticks of RAM will be limited to at any given moment. If you are using a 16GB slot, you shouldn’t need to upgrade to 128GB. The system comes with 64GB of RAM, so it’s highly unlikely you will ever need to add more. It’s worth noting, however, that the option isn’t available.

My experience with CUK’s customer service was exceptional. I was able to contact them via email and via phone with very short wait times and I was always able to speak with someone who was willing to help me with any issues.

Customer Rating

The 11 People bought CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop on Amazon and gave an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.


It is the most well-designed pre-built I’ve ever seen; it uses all my games at the highest settings; it comes with many extra parts, and the keyboard and mouse are both excellent. The only downside is the Aorus motherboard comes with software that can be downloaded to be used for overclocking, but every time you attempt to use it, the system shuts down and reverts to the stock version.

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FAQ – CUK Stratos Mini Gaming Desktop

Can it run a triple monitor setup?

depends on what video card version you get it has 3 display ports on the RDX 2070

Why do people keep saying you need a display cable? My monitor only has HDMI.

If you want to play at a high frame rate, like 60 frames per second, then you’ll need a display with a higher frame rate and a display port cable. Higher than 120hz is not supported by HDMI; if you have a 144hz monitor, you will need a Display Port cable to get 144 frames per second.

What brand 3090 is this card?

3090 zotac trinity.

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