Today I provide Child Safety Strap Locks for Fridge which comes with 4 packs. You can now save your fridge stuffs from babies. So let’s Begin our Today’ Blog.

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Child Safety Strap Locks

With Deal:$8.45
You Save:$1.50 (15%)

Child Safety Strap Locks Features

Let provide you guys some of it’s features here:

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Child Safety Strap Locks Review

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These have been a lifesaver so far. We live in an apartment and needed a short term solution for things like our cleaning cabinet, toilet and pop up lid trash can.

These work great and are simple enough for us to open with these but our 14 month old can’t figure them out. Win win Deal here for me and this could be for you as well so i recommended this product for you guys.


They do the job and they’re easily adjustable. We’ve only had them on a week, but they have stayed on well in areas we use frequently thus far.


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Compared to other brands and style of locks I’ve used, they’re not the smoothest/easiest to open one handed, especially in a hurry. After using these, I prefer the “pinch” style locks.

You have to apply light pressure to slide it out to the unlocked position, but then you must simultaneously pull out to unlatch from the base and the small amount of plastic there is to grab/hook your finger on isn’t much.

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