Can a Certified Lash Tech Certify Someone Else

A lash technician can only be certified by another lash technician, but this article will outline the requirements and guidelines for certifying others in the lash extension industry.

In the beauty and esthetics world, lash extensions have become more and more popular, resulting in an increased demand for trained and certified lash technicians.

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Training and Certification

A person must complete a training program and pass a certification exam to become a licensed Lash Technician. These programs vary in length and content, but they typically instruct the proper application and removal of lash extensions, as well as safety and sanitation protocols.

Certifying Others

Once lash technician is certified, they may have the option of certifying others in the field, but this is not always the case, and it depends on the certifying organization.

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A technician may need a certain amount of experience or continuing education to become a certifier in some cases.

Certifying organizations may have other requirements, such as a certain number of successful student certifications or a certain amount of continuing education to remain a certifier.

Benefits and Risks

A certified lash technician can be a great way to share their knowledge and skills, as well as a way to increase their income and start their own business by certifying others in the field.

A technician who does not properly train or supervise their students could result in poor quality work and potential harm to clients if they fail to do so.


It is important for a lash technician to do a thorough investigation of the options and requirements before certifying others, as well as the benefits and risks involved., Anyone who is considering becoming a certified lash technician should consider the various training and certification programs to ensure that they receive a full education and are safe and professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any certified lash technician certify someone else?

It depends on the certification organization; some organizations may require a certain amount of experience or continuing education before a technician can license others.

What is the process for certifying others as lash technicians?

Depending on the certifying organization, the certification process involves completion of a training program, passing a certification exam, and meeting certain requirements, such as a certain number of successful student certifications or continuing education.

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Are there any risks associated with certifying others as a lash technician?

Certifying others as lash technicians can come with risks, as poor training or supervision of students could lead to poor quality work and possible harm to clients.

How do I find a reputable lash technician certification program?

Look for programs with comprehensive courses and a strong reputation in the industry. Check, too, if the program is approved by professional organizations.

What is the difference between a lash extension course and a lash extension certification program?

A lash extension course is a short-term training program that teaches the basics of applying and removing lash extensions. A lash extension certification course is a more comprehensive program that teaches the proper application and removal of lash extensions, as well as safety and sanitation, and will end with a certification exam.

Is it necessary to have a certification to be a lash technician?

A lash technician with a certification, although it’s not always mandatory, can benefit from it. It communicates a higher level of knowledge and skill, which makes it easier to find work and attract clients.

How often do I need to renew my certification as a lash technician?

Some certification bodies require renewals every year, while others only every few years. The frequency of certification renewal varies according to the certifying organization. Please verify their requirements with your certifying body.

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