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Updated to 5 stars all in all this headset is great and once I got used to it, it was very comfortable. I have decided this headset does everything I need for now so I’m going to wait to order one with a mixer and more features. I’ve gotten used to the mic mute flip feature with more time and now it’s not so strange muting and adjusting volume (note: I normally adjust volume from Xbox mixer settings instead of the volume adjuster on the headset).

SUMMARY: I bought the Hyperx Cloud Stinger and at this time I’m giving 4 stars, however it is most likely a 5 Star Headset I just want some time to make sure. So far I I can honestly say this headset is well worth it just keep in mind I’ve only had it for about a week! It’s very comfortable, has great sound, a great price, seems to be working great with Xbox One, and is made with quality! I don’t think you find a headset in this price range that’s better than this one and many say this headset is better than very expensive ones from what I’ve read. I may wind up getting another Hyperx Cloud headset with a Audio mixer and mute button since I’m not sure I’ll get used to moving the mic up and down to mute it as you have to do with the Stinger (I’m used to a mute button by the controller which makes it fast and simple to mute) and I would like to control volume settings without going into my Xbox audio settings or hopefully Xbox makes a simplier option to this and muting. (You don’t need the adapter with this headset for Xbox one if you have the controller with a 3.5mm jack)

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COMFORT: They are very comfortable to me (I am a female and most aren’t comfortable to me and are too big but without this headset adjusted at all it fits pretty comfortably). When it’s adjusted to be larger it fits my boyfriend as well so this is a great headset for either female or male.

I’m not an audio/sound wizard or professional but the sound so far is very good. I’ve mainly played Fortnite BR and Destiny 2 with this headset. I’m still messing around with different games to see the difference between different noises and using the volume mixer settings on Xbox One to see what sounds best. On Xbox One I’m able to press the home button, go over to System, and then to Audio to control the headset volume, adjust headset chat mixer, or mic monitoring. This headset does have the slider on the right ear so you are able on XB1 to get all your volume levels setup and then just use the volume slider on the headset ear if it’s to loud or quiet. Now that I have messed around with it a bit more I don’t find the need to go back into the audio settings on Xbox to adjust them, I have left them at a certain level that seems to be working great. However, for me, I liked having all those volume control settings next to the controller but again maybe I can get used to it. The last thing is I’m messing around with trying Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for headphones since I read you can use these features with headphones that don’t have surround sound or do have it and as some say it makes a world of a difference… I’m still testing this out on Xbox One to see if they do make a difference with sound.

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MIC/PARTY CHAT: Using Xbox party chat is huge and a must for me. I use it to talk to my boyfriend who I play games with from different rooms as well as friends. The first day I got there, I connected to a party chat and instantly he stated it was making a humming or some sort of low-pitched noise. He isn’t into tech issues or troubleshooting so this was very hard for me to fix or understand since only he heard this noise. The next day he said he doesn’t hear it at all but I’m still a bit concerned so I’ll be trying to join other people at a party to see if they hear anything not right. Update: it looks like this issue may have gone away and was either related to being new, my boyfriend’s headset, and/or me being in the Xbox insider alpha program.

MUTE FEATURE: The other thing that may just be something I have to get used to is the mic mute method on this headset, having to pull the mic up or down is something I feel takes more time than just pressing a mute button like I’m used to but like I said maybe I’ll get used to it. My boyfriend likes the mute method that the Stinger has more than me since he has a habit of putting up his mic even with his mic not having this feature. I think this is just a preference and dependent on if you can get used to it.

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Final Verdict

9/10 I would recommend this headset to someone. For the price and the quality you get I don’t feel there’s a better headset you’ll find!! I hope my review helps you and if you have any questions leave a comment to this review and I’ll reply ASAP.

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