We cover some Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans in the article, they are the best can opener for every size of cans, Available now on Amazon with different features.

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what is an electric can opener?

Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

Electric can openers are an essential type of electronic appliance in the kitchen that can automate the opening process of lids or cans. The best type of electric can openers include good quality features such as having a lid magnet that can attract the lid to prevent from falling it inside the can.

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Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

  1. Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener
  2. OXO 1049953 Can Opener
  3. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener
  4. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener 
  5. Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener
  6. One-Touch Electric Can Opener
  7. Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener
  8. Tornado F4 Can Opener
  9. Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Can Opener
  10. ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener

Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener Silver

[amazon box=”B00L0MFJAS” template=”vertical”]

The Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener Silver Features quality-engineered motor system, The single-touch operation makes fast work of any standard size can, using the Power Cut blade to safely and cleanly slice through the metal.

The magnetic lid holder is attached to the removable arm to make clean up easy.

The sturdy base prevents tipping or sliding during use.

It is Easy to clean, Easy to remove and noise level is low.

Should you guys Get Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener Silver?

In terms of the can opener, it does what you ask. It takes up little room and is well made. Cans in my house are thankful, no more maimed cans from trying to do it by hand. I feel I am a better person for the ethical treatment of canned goods.

OXO 1049953 Can Opener

[amazon box=”B000079XW2″ template=”vertical”]

By cutting on the side of the can below the edge, the OXO 1049953 Can Opener leaves no sharp edges on the can or lid. The sharp, hardened stainless steel cutting wheel stays clean, avoiding contact with can contents, while the lid pliers allow for no-touch lid removal.

Sharp stainless steel cutting wheel doesn’t touch can contents.

Built-in pliers allow for contact-free lid removal.

Easily opens cans without creating sharp edges on can or lid, Oversized side-wind mechanism moves smoothly.

Should you guys Get OXO 1049953 Can Opener?

This is very easy to work once you figure out how to hold it. Very easy to use, feels great in my aging hands, having fun using it. I don’t eat much canned food except albacore tuna on salads and black olives, beans and tomato sauce for chili. 

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

[amazon box=”B08NWZN198″ template=”vertical”]

The Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener is best hands-free can option for you, Specially with 4 AA Alkaline Battery.

It cuts cans 360° along the lid. Push the button again to stop.

The blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside.

It has 3 Different Types; A – KM Auto Can Opener, B – KM One Touch Can Opener, C – KM Mini Can Opener.

Should you guys Get Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener?

The ability to simply put it on the top of the can as instructed, hit the button and stand back and watch it travel around the can. No can hanging from an opener, and no sharp edges since this device actually cuts into the side of the can instead of the lid. Highly recommend.

Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Can Opener

[amazon box=”B0000CGQD4″ template=”vertical”]

The Hamilton Beach Classic comes with extra-tall design, Compatible with every size of cans. It is dishwasher safe and very easy to use.

It has SureCut patented technology which easily make sure your cans open at the first try.

With Auto shutoff feature you can easily do multi task, It is Convenient cord storage helps keep your counters uncluttered.

Should you guys Get Hamilton Beach Classic Can Opener?

For most standard size cans I can leave the can and walk away while it does its thing. When I open an oversized can of sauce, I put my hand underneath just in case, but it even handles those cans well. For the price, this is a great little can opener.

Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener

[amazon box=”B07T6NNKJ4″ template=”vertical”]

The Amazon Basic Electric Can Opener has stainless steel blade which easily open every types of cans with no snagging.

With it’s unique Mechanism, Power turn and off button automatically operates.

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It is Modern, compact design with durable plastic housing.

Should you guys Get Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener?

This machine is very easy to use, opens all the cans that I’ve tried, is very study and certainly very easy to clean. I highly recommend this can opener.

One-Touch Electric Can Opener

[amazon box=”B07H45LXNP” template=”vertical”]

This One-Touch Electric Can Opener is very easy-operation, quite easy to use and best for those people who have arthritis or hand pain.

With Compact design, It can easily open all kinds of sizes.

It do require 2 ‘AA’ batteries but with Ergonomic design it Cuts under the lid, not through the top, so the sides of the lid are smooth and safe.

Should you guys Get One-Touch Electric Can Opener?

It works well, but is a little awkward to maneuver. Sometimes I hold the can over the sink because you have to turn it on its side while trying to remove lid. All in all, it does save wear and tear on your joints.

Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener

[amazon box=”B00005MFFO” template=”vertical”]

The Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener features Knife Sharpener, Twist-off Easy-Clean Lever and Cord Storage.

It is easy to clean with a washable cutting lever that easily twists off.

It is very Versatile, and deliver Automatic shutoff Feature.

Should you guys Get Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener?

This item also has a built-in knife sharpener on the back of the unit. All my knives were sharpened nicely after swiping the blades 3-5 times and continued to stay sharp. Cleaning is simple; the can opener blade removes easily and snaps back on without a problem.

Tornado F4 Can Opener

[amazon box=”B078PQQCJF” template=”vertical”]

The Tornado F4 Can Opener is one of the best Electric Can Opener on Amazon which features New Stronger Motor, flip-top cans, and easily apply on every kind of Cans.

The Magnet comes with is very heavy and strong, Can easily attract thicker lids.

It is Specially best for small cans which the magnet can’t reach usually.

Should you guys Get Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener?

 This auto opener is extremely dependable and rarely fails, but since the pandemic the top of the cans are varying in thickness at the rim. I think it would be perfect for someone with problems with their hands.

Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Can Opener

[amazon box=”B002R0RPOA” template=”vertical”]

The Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Can Opener Provide Hands-free operation, Cuts the lid all by itself, and Open any size easily.

It is Cordless & rechargable, and opens 19 or more cans on a single charge.

Should you guys Get Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Can Opener?

It Takes no space at all and it seems to stay charged for a long time. Would highly recommend, Works really well and Fits any size can. You Just have to start it on the can and it runs around by itself.

ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener

[amazon box=”B07STLQ33G” template=”vertical”]

You can easily opens every cans whether they are small or big with this ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener. It is every simple to use, easily managed and no problem with any kind of shortages.

The main thing about this Electric Can Opener for Large cans that it managed to keep its name in kitchen around the globe.

Should you guys Get ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener?

This is a replacement for a “one touch” opener. It is smaller. It is easier to access the batteries. This kind of can opener is ideal for my old arthritic hands.


Apart from all of these Electric Can Openers, I would Recommended Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener Silver because it has all that features that Full Fill your kitchen needs in case of small or big cans.

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