The Best Baby Carrier Belt in the Uk of 2020 is Koala Babycare® Easy-to-wear Baby Sling (Easy on), Adjustable Unisex and which is Multi-Purpose Baby Carrier Suitable up to 10kg. So let’s begin our blog.

Baby Carrier Belt

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THE EASIEST TO WEAR: Thanks to its two adjustable bands, wearing the baby carrier newborn will be very simple. Also, being the baby sling wrap much shorter than the traditional band, will not drop on the ground, so that it stays always clean.
COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR BACK: The ergonomic and breathable backrest of Koala Babycare baby carrier for newborn allows you to unload the weight on your shoulders and on your lumbar area, guaranteeing a much higher comfort than that of the traditional baby slings.
EXCELLENT FOR PROLONGED USE: Traditional baby carriers become loose during use and therefore require frequent binding. Koala Cuddle Band will always remain in place thanks to its ring closure. Moreover any adjustments will be very simple. Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex (only in one direction).
DIFFERENT POSITIONS OF USE: CAN BE USED SINCE THE FIRST DAYS: The cotton fabric allows the use of the Koala Babycare baby carrier from the first days of your baby in the cradle position. Useful and very discreet for breastfeeding.

In sum, I think this is an excellent product and it’s been greatly beneficial to our family and needs.

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From a more detailed view, I needed something to help me carry my baby (6 months old) due to living with a widespread and severe fibromyalgia (particularly affecting my back, hips, knees and arms/hands), I needed something to aid me holding my baby as comfortably as possible. I needed lightweight and easy to get on with minimal knot tying/clasps/buttons etc. If the product could also be worn by my husband that was a bonus.

When born, I used a kangaroo care top which I loved as it held her close and took much of the weight off my hands. She’s now longer and heavier and while she fits in the top, she is really too long for it so I was looking for something to wear over my own clothes and grow with her. We have an ergo baby carrier that fits my husband but feels too bulky on my shoulders and I cannot get the back clips done up on my own and it’s also very padded and hot for baby as we come into summer. Slings look comfortable but the formation of wrapping fabric would be difficult for me and I’d be concerned at tying secure knots.

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I’d seen an ad for a wrap and thought it was an ideal mix between the sling and bigger carriers. The one I saw was literally two loops of fabric so needed to be perfectly fitted to the wearer so whilst it was best for ease of use it would be no use for my husband and I to both use. It was also £60 so would be a lot for us both to buy one. That’s when I found this product!

This was £30 so half the price of the other one. It comes with a ring pull tightening system so it’s easy for me to use and feels very secure. I’ve not found it to loosen at all when wearing the wrap. It means both my husband and I can wear comfortably (I’m 5’8 size 12 and he is 6’2 and a large T-shirt size). So easy to get on, breathable fabric and cooler and comfortable for baby. Love the additional pocket piece for convenience to place of small items but also as an additional support to baby – this does need a knot tied around but as it’s not the main part holding baby, I’m not fearful of it loosening and compromising baby security. I’ve worn the wrap both with and without this extra part and even without, she feels secure.

The back padding is comfortable even with my condition. I wanted something that could make holding my baby as comfortable and least painful as possible – I’m always going to have a backache but this wrap means I’m able to hold her for longer and more comfortably in terms of back pain and without getting additional pain in my hands/arms. Also leaving hands free to manage another task if needed. I don’t think there is any product on the market which would eliminate pain for those of us with physical difficulty so it’s more about what can be used as an aid – this ticks all my boxes and had been a massive help already.

I noted comments before I bought about concerns using with a baby over 12 weeks. My baby is 6 months and weighs over a stone. She’s not particularly big for her age but also not super small. I find she fitted in this so well, both my husband and I felt she was as secure as in the big bulky carrier. When bending over, I’d always use a hand as added support on her back for safety sake but I generally feel I will be able to use this as she gets bigger and older as it’s flexiable with fitting.

Really really pleased I purchased it! I hope this review is helpful for anyone else like me, who’s looking for a product not just for style but for a complicated set of needs that are not easily catered for on the baby market.

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