If you’re on the hunt for a 43-inch monitor, you’re sure to enjoy the review of the Asus Rog Strix 43 inch Monitor. At first glance, the ASUS Rog Strix 43 isn’t that different from other monitors made by Asus.

However, the picture quality offers more than what the consumer can actually expect for any standard monitor. With a 4ms response time and 1.07 billion:1 dynamic contrast ratio, you’re definitely going to be able to enjoy your games at the highest settings. It also offers HDR support with the IPS display.

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Asus Rog Strix 43 inch Monitor

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Asus Rog Strix 43 Review

Before I made this purchase, I did a lot of searching online, and to be honest, I was terrified this would be terrible after reading and watching every review on the Internet, but now that this gorgeous monitor is sitting on my desk, I realize just how incredibly picky the tech critics online can be.

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Most of their complaints stem from tiny differences in specification numbers and subjective opinions that are, at the end of the day, virtually inaudible.

asus rog strix 43 inch monitor

With DSC technology, the ROG monitor can display incredibly detailed and smooth visuals at native 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate via a single DisplayPort 1.4 connection


ROG Strix XG43UQ is certified DisplayHDR 1000 friendly, with a DCI-P3 90% color gamut and superb color contrast. Enjoy true-to-life colors, bright whites, and dark black hues.

Amd Freesync 

ROG Strix XG43UQ delivers brighter, more vibrant images with less input lag due to its integrated FreeSync Premium Pro technology.

Low Motion Blur with Asus Dynamic Shadow Boost

Low-motion blur technology and adaptive sync can be activated simultaneously with ELMB Sync to eliminate ghosting and tearing for high-frame-rate gaming that is super sharp. This technology automatically clarifies dark areas of the image without changing other areas.

Display Technology

The XG438Q is so big that, even when you’re sitting in the middle of the room, the viewing angles for the top portions of the screen can make the image look worse if you’re too close to it. The display is based on vertical alignment (VA) display technology.


The ROG logo projector is attached to the back of the console and connected to a dedicated USB port. It comes out of the box fully assembled. You will also receive a sheet of ROG decals that you can use to adorn a custom PC case or anywhere you wish to highlight your hardware allegiance. It comes nice and neatly packaged in its own box within the carton.


On the screen’s side, two USB 3.0 ports, two audio jacks, and an HDMI port are easily accessible, while the rear, which has two more HDMI ports and a DisplayPort connection, is a little trickier, but there is a neat case to hide cables.

Gaming performance

It’s razor-sharp in modern console games designed for high-resolution displays. Yakuza: Like a Dragon was my favorite game while using the monitor. The game’s highly detailed character models were great.

I noticed enormous amounts of detail in each character’s hair and clothing, yet shimmering, aliased edges were kept to a minimum. Modern games benefit the most from the XG43UQ’s design, but older games also have the advantage.

asus rog strix 43 inch monitor

Halo: Reach in the Master Chief Collection is laden with old-fashioned textures, but character models and higher-resolution art, such as Halo’s iconic skyboxes, look good. Final Fantasy XIV was also a joy to play, with similar lackluster graphics, but solid character models and art with excellent detail.

HDR performance was less impressive, which I attribute to the edge-lit backlight. It is possible that No Man’s Sky would appear striking on bright planets, but would also be flat and dull when navigating space because of the lack of precise backlight control.

 Panel Quality

The panel on the XG43UQ has a matte anti-glare coating that does a great job of shielding external light sources, such as daylight, while gaming or working. The thin bezels on this monitor should come as no surprise, but they add a lot of visual interest to the overall design.

The primary purpose of a super ultra-wide is to get rid of that nasty gap/bezel between dual monitor setups, but at the top and sides, there are a total of 9mm bezels, with the bottom being 21mm. The Asus ROG Strix XG43UQ adjustable resolutions are very versatile and allow you to position this monitor in a variety of ways for optimal gaming.

From its lowest height of 397mm to its maximum height of 517mm, the height adjustment range is 120mm, and the monitor can be turned left and right by 16 degrees, so you can see the images from additional locations in the room with near-perfect clarity. Lastly, the monitor has a tilt dial that allows you to tilt it up 20 degrees and down 5 degrees.

Customer Rating

The 532 People bought this Asus rog Strix 43 inch monitor and gave an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

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Pros and cons of XG43UQ

  • Gaming performance is top-notch.
  • Larger screen size makes seeing enemies easier.
  • Display Widget software is highly customizable.
  • Future-proof for next-gen consoles.
  • Supports 24p film rate.
  • Better than average audio.
  • Uber punchy 1000 nit brightness.
  • Strong colours and contrast.
  • 4K plus 144Hz and HDMI 2.1.
  • 4.3 Rating on Amazon.
  • Overdrive-related artifacts.
  • ELMB backlight strobe artifacts.
  • Terrible pixel response.
  • Edge-lit local dimming.
  • BRG pixels can be problematic.

Conclusion – Asus Rog Strix 43 inch Monitor

The ROG Strix XG43UQ will appeal to gamers who want a high-resolution display for console games, but also plan to use the monitor as a television. It has a sharp, vibrant, brilliant screen that looks excellent when playing modern 4K games.

XG43UQ’s high price and poor motion clarity, however, undermine its strengths and ultimately make it a niche display that is only suitable for those who can’t afford a larger, better TV like LG’s 48-inch C1 OLED.


Does this have the crosshair option?

I’m pretty sure it does, though I don’t use it, and I tried to test it out before turning it off if I remember correctly.

Does the HDMI Port use 120hz?

No, but in the same vein, a new model called the XG43UQ will be released this year, but it will be fitted with HDMI 2.1, which will support 4k at 120Hz. Your PS4 Pro won’t support 4k/120FPS, however. PS4 Pro supports only HDMI 2.0 ports, which are not designed to handle 4k/120. To utilize a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher, you would need a PlayStation 5.

Doesn’t Nvidia support g-sync to free-sync monitors?

Yes it has g-sync support enabled in the Nvidia control panel, but this Asus monitor has not been g-sync certified by Nvidia, but it works fine.

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