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Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speakers

1 – Anker Soundcore Boost 20W Bluetooth Speaker with BassUp Technology

Anker makes fantastic third-party accessories. What I love about Anker is its commitment to great pricing on products that work and work for a long time.

The SoundCore Boost is no exception. Build is superior to any Bluetooth speaker Anker has built in the past, and the sound is fantastic for the price. The sound is rich and clear, but can also be boosted by the extra bass that comes through the dual woofers. The SoundCore has a great Bluetooth connection – it hasn’t dropped out on me even when I bring my phone to other rooms.

Build quality is what you’d get from a major manufacturer like Sony, and the sound is arguably better than the UE Boom 2, and is certainly better than the Fugoo Go. Where the Fugoo Go and UE Boom 2 have an advantage over the Anker Boost is the ability to connect to more than one speaker.

In the case of the Boom 2 it can connect to over 50 speakers (not that you would ever own that many) and the Go can connect to a second Go for dual or stereo sound. If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, or S8+ you can connect to two devices simultaneously through Bluetooth 5.0, although you won’t be able to get a solid connection on both devices unless you’re phone is less than three feet away from both speakers.

I also love that the SoundCore comes with a 5200mAh battery that can be used to play the speaker for 12 hours or charge most cell phones twice.

If you’re a demanding listener this speaker will satisfy you and you’ll be glad you didn’t spend twice as much on big brand names.

2 – Anker Soundcore Mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime

The sound quality is decent. In fact, I’ll cross one step further to mention it’s higher than one would anticipate from a tool of this size. It does product room-filling sound. It has some bass response, however for the ones of you who like plenty of “boom,” you are going to be disappointed. This speaker is best for journeying and filling a hotel room with sound for your own private enjoyment. This is not particularly terrific for exciting a big party in which you really want the sound to be in the forefront.

I did test the bluetooth competencies of this speaker with my iPhone and it worked perfectly. The pairing was speedy and easy. Wired connectivity also worked flawlessly.

There is a micro SD slot in the back of the speaker so you can play music directly off a card. I don’t pretty recognize the necessity for this selection as most devices you’ll hook up with this speaker already have a garage feature. I actually have no want for such a feature, and I would instead that Anker had put their money elsewhere in making this an ideal bluetooth device….

Such as presenting a electricity adapter. This is the only thing that is sorely lacking from this speaker. While it comes with a USB charging cable, there is no accompanying power adapter. I find that very “cheap” on Anker’s part in now not supplying. I was lucky that I had an extra iPhone adapter mendacity around. I am now not positive the ones of you studying this assessment have one as well. For that omission, I deducted one megastar from this evaluate.

In all, I would price this speaker a 5-superstar product for what it is. If you purchase the SoundCore understanding its strengths and limitations, you’ll be very glad with it. It’s extra of a “non-public” speaker than anything else.

3 – Soundcore Flare+ Portable 360° Bluetooth Speaker by Anker

This speaker Is loud and produces crisp highs, accurate mids and deep base, projecting pleasant sound in a 360 diploma sound field. The default EQ settings are extra than adequate for pop and beat drops. This speaker performs exquisite at higher volumes and doesn’t distort. At decrease volumes the Flare+ sounds clear and common for a speaker in this charge range. The Flare+ is constructed to perform at better volumes making this speaker a true competitor in opposition to speakers costing greater.

Pairing speakers will create a stereo soundstage making this a real party machine filling a room and extra than adequate for outside use.


  • Quality feel, production and durability
  • Loud and accurate soundstage at higher volumes
  • Deep Bass at higher volumes
  • Customized Light settings and app
  • Can pair with some other Flare+


  • Sounds every day for a speaker in this price variety at decrease volume settings.
  • A few cons that hopefully can be remedied with a firmware upgrade.
  • Need additional EQ settings to optimize Metal and rock genres or a custom EQ mode.
  • No voice integration when the use of Alexa. Note you can skip and pause music via top installed button.

My final thoughts on this buy is total delight and I will actually purchase another Flare+.

4 – Anker SoundCore Pro+ 25W Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass and High Definition Sound

There are matters the Pro+ can do that the Boost can’t and vice versa. Here are the matters I like and don’t like about the Pro+ and Boost.


  • Can switch device while not having to reset the pairing mode.
  • The cloth feels loads more sturdier.
  • Very smooth to pair.
  • Sound honestly desirable and clean at max volume.
  • All the connectors (AUX, USB, ect..) are positioned in the back.
  • Superb battery life.
  • Insane bass.

*Cannot disable the bass (always on)
*Have to hold down the power button for a couple of seconds to shutoff

*Can enable/disable bass
*Very easy to pair
*Well made fabric but no longer as properly as Pro+
*Superb battery life
*Insane bass
*Press power button to shutoff rather than keeping it

*Have to reset pairing mode to change device
*Connectors placed at the side
*Sound now not as true on max volume

As you could see there isn’t a whole lot of a distinction between the Pro+ and Boost. Other the fact that the Pro+ is $10 extra.

My verdict is you may be happy with both one they are both exquisite speaker!

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