Today I provided AMORNO Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case. So if you are interested in buying this case then open the link from below and buy it.

AMORNO Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case


[Waterproof]: IP68 licensed water-proof level, tested beneath water as much as 2m/30 mins for 1000 instances, best for underwater activities, along with swimming, snorkeling browsing and etc, you can use it take high high-quality pix underwater without sacrificing the first-rate of graphics.

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[Great Protection]: Made of premium great TPU and PC materials, full body safety and rubber area shockproof designed, ensuing your telephone losing from 3m height for thousand times without causing any harm and always maintain your S9 clean, fantastic preference for out of doors and every day use.

[Support Wireless Charging]: The slender and obvious defensive case aid wireless charging, no want to take off the case when charging and it could assist numerous wi-fi chargers. Great wireless signals allow you listen to people without a doubt on the phone without distortion.

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[Built with Curved Screen Protector]: The Galaxy S9 case is built with curved screen protector and can in shape perfectly with galaxy S9 screen, obvious readability can prevent scratches and will not have an effect on the display screen contact sensitivity.

My Review

I like this case. This was really easy to put on. Taking it off is a bit of a pain, but it’s acceptable after all the durability on this is good enough that you’re not going to replace it anytime soon.

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I submerged it in water before putting my phone in and it was dry inside. Definitely test that before putting the phone in like they said just to be safe.

I dropped this twice from about 3 feet off the ground, no damage at all to the phone nor the case. Tabs for the headphone and charging cable feel higher quality. I’ve had a life proof case and theirs was more flimsy with those tabs than this one.

Customer Reviews


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Final Verdict

It works great and doesn’t even make your phone bulky. So I recommend it.

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