Yes, you can buy now the best Amazonbasics 60-inch lightweight tripod With Bag. First Read My review and its features before you buy it. So let’s Begin our blog.

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Amazonbasics 60-inch lightweight tripod With Bag

  • Lightweight tripod with adjustable-height legs and rubber feet.
  • Compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, smartphone adapters (not included), and scopes.
  • The recommended max load weight is 6.6 lbs (3kg) for optimal performance
  • Weighs 3 lbs; Extends from 25 inches to 60 inches when a center post is fully extended; Carrying case included.
  • Two built-in bubble view levels and 3-way head to allow for tilt and swivel motion; portrait or landscape options.
  • A quick-release mounting plate helps ensure fast transitions between shots.

Amazonbasics 60-inch lightweight tripod Review

Customer Rating4.5 out of 5 stars (26760) 

The package comes with a tripod bag and one Tripod made of hard plastic and aluminium. The tripod itself comes with 2 levels one on top of the legs and the other on the head.

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I liked the first tripod so much that I bought another one. I am still looking for one more tripod and for the price this is a top runner.

I started out with one tripod from bower and I paid about 45 dollars for it. For the quality I can hardly tell the difference.

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Everything on the tripod is basic and gets the job done. There is a fine line between a tripod that is junk and one that will work. The design and in inexpensiveness of this tripod does a great job of finding the range of price to be very low and something that will last for years.

For my needs of a home studio these tripods suit my purpose and will last me a long time.

– Quick Connect.
– Quick Hang Hook (for weights or extra gear).
– 2 Levels.
– Price.

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The 60 Inch Tripod by AmazonBasics is a BUY, for anyone needing an extra Tripod or getting started in Photography.

Amazonbasics 60-inch lightweight tripod manual

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