Amazon Luna Controller Review 2021

Today I came up with an Amazon Luna Controller Review that is the best wireless controller for Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service.

It connects directly to Amazon’s custom game servers, which significantly reduces roundtrip latency when used on Windows PC, Mac, and Fire TV, as compared to a Luna Controller that uses a Bluetooth connection.

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Amazon Luna Controller

Amazon Luna Controller
Wifi connectivityCloud Direct gameplay on Luna Controller supports dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz) networks
Bluetooth connectivitySupports Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 for gameplay on Windows PC, Mac, and Fire TV (Windows PC support outside of Luna requires a Windows driver. Download here.)
USB-C portFor wired gameplay on Windows PC and Mac using USB-C cable (sold separately)
Size156.4 x 107.6 x 58.5 mm
Weight235.5 g without batteries, 281.5 g with batteries
Inputs12 buttons: home, action, menu, microphone, X, Y, A, B, LT, LB, RT, RB
1 direction pad: up, down, left, right
2 thumbsticks: left and right (offset)
HapticsVibration motors for tactile feedback during gameplay
DisplayLED to display controller connectivity status, low battery indicator, and software updates
Audio3.5 mm stereo audio output for headset
AlexaPress and ask Alexa to launch games and more on Fire TV
Set up your Luna Controller with Luna Controller appDownload the Luna Controller app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, Google Play Store, or iOS App Store. App lets you connect your controller to wifi to play games on compatible host devices over Cloud Direct.
CompatabilityWorks on compatible Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, and select Android phones via Cloud Direct. Does not work with gaming consoles.
In-box accessories2 AA Amazon Basics batteries, setup guide
Check PriceBuy From Amazon
Luna Controller Specifications

Amazon Luna Controller Review

The Luna Controller is excellent and feels and looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s a solid black gamepad with dual analog sticks offset in the Xbox style and A/B/X/Y face buttons in the Xbox layout. The sticks, face buttons, and triggers are all rigidly formed and well made, but the plus-shaped directional pad is a bit spongy instead of clicking. It has a similar build quality to the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Luna Controller Review

Cloud Direct Technology

The Luna Controller is independent of each device and can be used on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, and Android devices without needing to pair them.

Best for Gaming

It has low friction thumbsticks, a comfortable textured grip, and wireless gameplay powered by 2 AA batteries. It can be used with Fire TV to play games from Luna’s ever-growing catalog, or it can be paired over Bluetooth to play games outside of Luna or as a remote control.

Special built for Luna

Luna Controller is Amazon’s most powerful control device for providing an ideal gaming experience on Luna, Amazon’s new cloud gaming service.

Luna Controller design

Comfortable Design

With an offset thumbstick and convenient bumpers, the Luna Controller provides optimal control over your gameplay, with precise triggers, 4 trigger buttons, and a 4-way directional pad.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a fairly good feel in the hands and has a smooth motion of the thumbstick.
  • The DPAD is not particularly bulky, nor are the side buttons, righthand buttons, and triggers.
  • Separate Wi-Fi connection.
  • Comes with headphone jack.
  • Use as a Bluetooth controller requires installing a separate driver.
  • No USB-C cable included.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy the Amazon Luna Controller?

It is an excellent controller, with just a little bit of uncertainty about the gaming service. The controller plays seamlessly with the firestick, which makes for an excellent experience. Overall, I highly recommend the controller, especially if it’s available on sale. With a rechargeable battery, I’d be happy to pay full price.

Customer Rating

The 3,872 people bought Luna Controller and gave an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Luna Controller Setup

  • Download and install the Luna Controller app on your mobile device.
  • Power up your Luna Controller with 2 AA batteries. Press and hold the home button for 3 seconds. You will see an orange light spin around the button.
  • Open the Luna Controller app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up Cloud Direct.

Amazon Luna Controller App

The Luna Controller app makes it easy to configure and manage your Luna Controllers.

Features include:

  • Register your Luna Controllers to your Amazon account.
  • Set your Luna Controller to connect to wifi and enable Cloud Direct.
  • Manage your Luna Controller’s Cloud Direct wifi connection.
  • Update the software on your Luna Controller.
  • Check battery life.
  • Switch between Cloud Direct and Bluetooth.
  • Get help with common troubleshooting problems.

Connect Luna Controller Bluetooth

You can Pair the Amazon Luna Controller using Bluetooth but make sure you follow these rules:

  1. Make sure the devices are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.
  2. Check that the remote control has batteries and turn it on.
  3. Press and hold the action "" and B buttons until you see a flashing white light (about 3 seconds).
  4. The joystick can now be detected via Bluetooth on your compatible device.

FAQ – Luna Controller

How to install Amazon Luna Controller Hardware Driver for Windows Computers?

Install the Luna Controller hardware driver for Windows to connect the Amazon Luna Controller to your PC via Bluetooth and play video games outside of Amazon Luna.
– Download the hardware driver here: 
Amazon Luna Controller Hardware Driver .

– After the download is complete, run the installation program.

– Restart the Windows computer.

Is it compatible with android tv?

In test scenarios, you must be able to access the Luna platform from the TV browser by entering the Amazon website. I have a Roku, and it’s not compatible, and it looks like this is the case for Android as well. There is no reason to subscribe to the basic service, as the default games are not worth it, and paid games can be played at better prices and with better service from other providers of better quality.

Can I play games from the app store of a fire tv 4k?

The remote interfaces with Amazon over the Internet, and you can access the game via a url. I think you could without a problem if the device had a browser by which you could access the Luna Games platform, and therefore internet access.

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