Today We Came up with an Acer ED273 Abidpx review that features 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate and G-SYNC Compatible (Display Port, HDMI & DVI Ports) and comes in Black Color.

The ED273 27″ curved panel monitor from Acer comes with Full HD 1080p resolution, allowing you to enjoy high-resolution entertainment from the comfort of your home. Crisp, true-to-life colors are brought to life with the outstanding 1920 x 1080 resolution.

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Acer ED273 Abidpx review

This G-SYNC compatible monitor offers everything you need in a gaming experience: smooth, tear-free gaming! To deliver richer colors that were never previously possible, unleash gaming’s full potential.

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Acer ED273 Abidpx

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Acer ED273 Abidpx 27

Acer ED273 Abidpx 27

The ghosting on this monitor is quite annoying; it is almost unplayable (using a 1 ms monitor as a reference). However, setting the Overdrive setting to Extreme eliminated the ghosting, with very few artifacts that were barely discernible. The second biggest problem is the default picture settings.

From the outset, the image was dominated by the blue and green spectrum and was very dim. The issue was fixed by adjusting the brightness to maximum and reducing the blue and green colors.


The Monitor has the Following Features:

Vibrant Picture

The Acer 27″ Curved Display with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution has the sharpest image quality and offers a wider view of the picture. This monitor produces stunning, lifelike images with an amazing level of detail, which makes games more engaging and films truly cinematic.

NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility

NVIDIA has tested NVIDIA’s NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible displays, and they seamlessly integrate with GeForce graphics cards to deliver tear-free gaming at optimal refresh rates.

 Curved 16:9 Display 

With every corner of the 16:9 curve kept at the same distance from your eyes for a uniform viewing experience without blind spots, tilt the screen -5 to 15 degrees for the best view.

Refresh Rate

The Acer Monitors fast refresh rate of 144Hz reduces frame rendering time, reduces input lag, and provides gamers with a smooth 2D motion scene.

 Low-dimming technology

Flicker-less, Blue Light Filter, ComfyView, and Low-dimming technologies in Acer EyeProtect allow gamers to keep their concentration for hours on end. These features are designed to facilitate extended usage and to reduce eye strain from long gaming sessions.

Wide Viewing Angle 

Acer curved monitors feature a wide viewing angle that allows them to display color up to 178 degrees so that colors are displayed correctly no matter what angle you choose to view them from.

Customer Rating

The 2,687 People Bought this Acer ED273 Abidpx Monitor and gave an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 that is quite an Amazing rating so I would recommend it for you guys as well.

Comparison – Acer ED273 vs ‎Sceptre C275B-1858RN

Model Acer ED273 Sceptre C275B-1858RN
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Size27 inches27 inches
Display TypeLCDLED
Item Dimensions26.5 x 6.2 x 16.3 inches24.27 x 6.38 x 17.56 inches
Item Weight10.14 lbs9.26 lbs
Mounting TypeVESA Mounting:NoWall Mount
Refresh Rate144 hertz165 hertz

Acer ED273 Abidpx Speakers

Some users have asked the question a lot that does Acer ED273 Abidpx has speakers so my answer would be to them that Your monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers. It’s for this reason that it has an audio output to connect external speakers.

Kindly Checkout this:

Audio output –> External speakers audio input –> Built-in speakers

Acer ED273 Abidpx Manual

Acer ED273 Abidpx Manual

You Can Download Acer ED273 Abidpx Manual From below:

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ConclusionAcer ED273 Abidpx review

This monitor is a great balance of performance and features against price. I’m actually considering buying another two of them since the curve is nice and the bezels are thin. The large image of the desk is meant to give an idea of the physical size it occupies in a desk.

The manual setting of the LG V20 was used to take the pictures included in this review. The second is used to represent color and contrast, and the third and fourth pictures are references to other parts of the review.

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures were taken in a somewhat dim room at 50% brightness, unless stated otherwise (backlight bleed example). I hope you have enjoyed this Acer ED273 Abidpx review.


Can you Mount Acer ED273 Abidpx Monitor?

The 31.5″ version of this Acer ED273 monitor has 100mm VESA mount points, but not the 27″ model, which is behind where the stand would snap-in.

Is it Freesync or Gsync monitor?

Yes, Freesync but Gsync compatible.

what wall mount is compatible with this monitor?

100×100 mount can be possible but honestly, I didn’t try it yet.

What is the refresh rate for Nvidia cards?

Acer has it wrong again. Freesync is AMD, and G-Sync is Nvidia, but there is a way around this if you have an AMD APU and an Nvidia GPU. AMD and Nvidia cards can run any resolution depending on what card you have, but this company has the edge in 144 vs. 120 vs. 60. A 580 is NOT the best bet for 4k @ 144Hz, but 1050 is not the best bet.

Can free sync be disabled in moniter settings?

Before being used, Freesync needs to be enabled, so it isn’t “enabled” by default. I have mine running on a 1080ti and it works just fine.

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